Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tornado? Or just bad thunderstorms??

Oh my goodness, what a terrible storm that passed through Georgia last night. I'm pretty sure that it's part of the same storm that Adrienne experienced in B'Ham.

Anyway, our county got hit pretty bad. I'm hearing that some tornadoes touched down not far from us. Thank God none were closer to us. HOWEVER, we did get some damage to our house. This morning, around 4am we were awakened by a LOUD noise. I looked our out bedroom window, which is on the back of the house, only to see one of our downspouts laying across the yard. Through our kitchen window, we could see several large branches on the ground.

Only when daylight came, could we see the real damage that those branches did. One of the branches was HUGE and came from the top of a tree between us and our neighbors. My DH and I went outside to see what else the branches may have hit. ONLY to see a big GAPING hole in the side of our house!!! The hole was right at the level of our playroom. I came inside to see if in fact it had opened into the house. Yep!!! there is a big hole in the closet of the playroom...and I could see OUTSIDE!!!. DH was NOT happy about THAT!!! So I grabbed the camera because we are sure we'll have to file a claim about this (and also so I could share them on my blog...LOL).

Anyway, THANK GOD, no one was hurt. The kids slept right through the worst of the storm this morning. We are also thankful that there was no roof damage, no damage to the corner of the house, and no floor joist damage.

Here are some pix of the aftermath.

This is the hole from inside the closet.

This is the hole from outside.

Another view of the hole from outside.

This is the mean ole branch that put a hole in the side of my house!!

This is our down spout that "flew" about 40 feet from it's original location...on the house.

One of several smaller branches that were wedged about 4 - 6 inches into the ground. My DH tried to pull one out and it wouldn't budge!!!

Ok, that's it. That's all of the pictures I have to share from the storms last night. Thanks for your time. Send donations to...

:-) just kidding. Have a great weekend everyone.


denaid said...

Cool remodeling job! But I think you're going to have to make the hole bigger for a door.

Again, I'm glad you're alright and that it wasn't worse.

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

so glad to know you & your family were not injured. but what a hole?!?! good luck with the repairs.

Adrienne said...

Glad to know you all are ok!!!!!!

ClassC Scrapper said...

Dawn, you are too funny!!!! Thank God that you guys are okay!!!!

Renee said...

That was a terrible storm. Glad to see you all are okay (well except for the hole).

Brown English Muffin said...

wow...I am so happy to hear that you weathered the storm...those pictures are scary!