Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Layout - Familiar Faces

A few weeks ago, I did a LO for my friend, Stacey. Doing that LO for her inspired me to do the same type of LO of me and my girls. I couldn't believe how hard it was to do it. I thought that since I'd already done one, that mine would come easy. But NOOOOO, it was harder! I guess because I had to be more conscience not make mine look like hers. Stacey said that ours would look different because WE look different :-). She's a mess!!!

Anyway, here it is. I really like how it turned out, hope my viewers do too.

I was hard pressed to find baby pictures of myself where I looked like BOTH of my DD's. But I did it. The first page is of me at 2 yrs. old in 1968 and my oldest DD at 2 yrs. old in 1986. The second page is of me at 3 yrs. old and my youngest DD at 3 years old. Totally amazing how we all look so much alike as babies/toddlers.

Thanks for looking.


Paula Sealey said...

Beautiful layouts!

denaid said...

Did you throw Jayla on the floor to get her into a similar position? :)

Great layouts. Love the colors and the photos. Very different than Stacey's but I don't think having them the same would have been bad either! Silly woman!

Adrienne said...

What beautiful pictures!!!!! AMAZING!!!!