Friday, January 12, 2007

New 2007 Layout - 50's Day

Alrighty folks, I've completed another one. I have come to the realization that I'm NEVER gonna be caught up with all of my scrapbooking! NEVER!!! Especially if I continue to try and scrap everything chronilogically. Shoot if I did that, I would just now be getting to Jayla's 2nd season of soccer (she's about to begin her 4th), her entire 3rd year of life (she just turned 5), Markell's 4th season of soccer (he's about to begin his 8th) and his 5th year of school (he's in the 6th grade).

Having said all that, I'm just gonna do the layouts that I FEEL like doing. One day I'll get back to the things I mentioned above. But until then, I'm gonna live in the moment. These kids are only kids once and they don't have time to wait for me to "catch up".

Therefore, here's a layout I just completed of a special day Jayla had in Pre-K. All the kids and teachers dressed up in outfits reminicent of the 1950's. Talk about cute. I even made Jayla a poodle skirt and she got to wear bangs for the first time :-).
Well, here it is. Thanks for looking.


denaid said...

Very cute!!

Briyanna said...

Look at my lil mama. How cute is she!! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

These pages turned out really's like your style has kind of changed for the's weird I can't describe it!!

I love the poodle skirt by the way...and how does Jayla look so old when she puts her hand on her hip!! LOL