Saturday, January 27, 2007

New 2007 Layouts - 18th Anniversary & At Your Best

Hope everyones weekend is going well. I spent most of the day painting a mirror frame and helping my DH clean out a storage area in our basement. However, I did find time to take a quick (2 hour) nap, finish up some layouts as well as wash & braid Miss Jayla's hair. About the hair, I was pleasantly surprised that her hair braided "normally", considering her trying to give herself a hair cut a couple weeks ago...ARGH!!! Anyway, all is well.

Now about the layouts I finished; one is of our 18th anniversary dinner back in December. I LOVE this LO!! The colors are beautiful...purple, gotta love it. I even did a little cutting details with the ole trusty X-acto knife.

The 2nd LO is of my DH. I can't say that I remember the last time I did a LO of him. Probably because he HATES taking there aren't too many around. But this shot is from the family photo shoot we had back in the summer. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this picture of him. He's so HOT!!! :-) I had the hardest time trying to think of a title for this LO. But for some reason, this song by the Isley Brothers kept coming to mind. So I decided to use it as my make shift title. I think it worked out perfect and is so fitting for how I feel about my hubby. It simply says, "At your best, you are love. You're a positive motivating force within my life."

Enough said, huh?


ClassC Scrapper said...

Wow, love the title of the one of you r Dh and I didn't know that the Isley Brothers sang that song. You have been busy today!!! Love the anniversary LO, too. Happy Anniversary, even though I am late. It's great to see couples who have been married for a while. You inspire me!!!

Oh, and by the way I updated my blog, take a look!!!!

Pam in MD said...

Beautiful LO! You're very talented. Congratulations on 18 years.

Brown English Muffin said...

I love them....and boy do you love purple...I would be terrified to touch purple in a layout but you work with it so well.

Jude said...

Happy Anniversary!!(a little late!)
You guys were the same ages as myself and DH when we got I think, we were soooo young, but it is worth it! (only the young and in love can handle being that poor and eating rice a roni and mac and cheese!LOL) (and I never reath either now by the way!) Looks like you had a great evening, and the LO is fabulous!

scrappinmyroots said...

I love this lo! Love the colors.

Roselyn Ravi said...

I have never did a page about my husband before. I better not let him know people scrap their SOs, he will be hurt LOL.

Congrats on your anniversary...18 years dh and I are still shocked we made it these past 2.

denaid said...

Great LOs. Love the colors.