Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New 2007 Layout-Who says Guys don't wear Pink

Well, I thought it was time to share a LO I did of Markell. I know it seems that I'm always taking pictures and doing LO's of Jayla and our dog, Trae. But that's because Markell is always running away from me when he see's the camera :-). And Jayla, on the other hand, LOVES the camera. What about the dog, you ask? Well, he's just obedient and does what I tell him...LOL.

But THIS one of Markell was one of those shots he couldn't run away from. The big picture is his 6th grade school picture...hee hee. And the others, he let me take because he wanted to show off his "Tough Guys Wear Pink" t-shirt on the first day of school.

Anyway, I promise, I do make LO's of him, but they are few and far between. Most of which are of him playing soccer. Mainly because while he's out there blocking goals, he's not really paying me and my camera any attention :-). However, I think I'm gonna have to start pulling rank around here and take more pictures of him. He's just too darn handsome not to have TONS of photos of. Don't you think???
Thanks for looking and stay tuned...there's more to come.


Brown English Muffin said...

I am ALL over this layout...I LOVE it....it's so me...can I even say that if it's your layout? Oh well I've said it now!!! LOL

I love the colors and the placement and everything!!!

Ok stupid question time...is that your hand writing or did you type that up? I think type and print but I don't know...how did you do the word "pink" was that in photoshop...yeah I'm asking tons of questions sorry!!!

Renee said...

Love this layout. So cute.

Susie Q said...

I absolutely love your layouts and designs! You are such a talent! It inspires me to get going and get back to scrapping now!

Your family is so sweet and adorable.

I will be back often....


Keianna said...

cute LO, and yes you should sneak pics of him whenever possible :-)