Thursday, February 15, 2007

UPDATE: on the baby in car issue

Yes, I'm at it again. But this time, it won't be NEAR as long.

Just to update you on the issue with the baby being left in the car today at JoAnn's...the police officer called me back.

He says that he did not arrest the lady today as she was alone there with the baby. However, he did write this up and the "case" will be turned over to a detective. They plan to do an investigation to see if she's done this (or something similar) before AND to see if she has any complaints/cases with DEFACs. The officer indicated that the lady is here from Ontario, Canada and that he knows that some "cultures" do things differently. However, when a child is involved that "difference" doesn't matter. The interest is and should in the wellfare of the child and not the parents "convenience".

I may be called back at a later time if something else comes of this. So he told me to be prepared...just in case.


denaid said...

Again, good job for being aware and reporting an issue instead of just walking on by.

FYI, of all my friends with kids, you have always been the kind of parent that I would hope I would be if I had children.

Anonymous said...

Heart racing!

I have 3 young children and I do forgo a lot of retail shopping because it is too much of a bother to take everyone out and try to look around while keeping an eye on them.

I personally have never been in your situation and I don't know how I would have handled it. I know my heart would have been racing just watching a child sitting in a running vehicle with no adult. Did you find out if the doors were at least locked?

It is difficult to realize that this 'innocent' (I say that, but this wasn't even like a quick in and out thing) situation could have turned tragic if the wrong person would have just been there and acted upon opportunity, no matter how 'safe' the area.

I know you said the police said she was from Canda, and things are different there, but come on, there's no crime in Canada?