Friday, February 09, 2007

Western Day

As much as I hate to take the focus off my Friday Flower Fix, I HAD to share this. Today is Western Day at Jayla's school. Her Pre-K class had to come dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. How cute is that? Can I tell you that this chick has been worrying me about this day for at LEAST 3 weeks?? :-)

My friend, Stacey, let Jayla borrow a red bandana, a vest and a cowboy hat especially for today. But Jayla quickly informed me that "Cowgirls don't wear RED!" Who knew??? ANYWAY, I had to give Stacey back all of her stuff and get the color that cowgirls DO wear....PINK!!! Well, DUH!!
I found the "perfect" color pink bandana and of COURSE she had to have a pink hat too. Lucky for her, Michaels had ONE left! So we decorated it with some pretty ribbon and rhinestones. Then, there was the boots. Did you know that this is the PERFECT time of year to buy boots? I found these SUPER cute faux suede boots for $9!!! The only ones left in her size.
Anyway, the girl could hardly sleep last night and even got up 30 minutes early this morning. She was a little upset that daddy had to leave early for work this morning. So he'll have to see the pictures and/or wait until this evening to see his little cowgirl.
Ok, I've talked this up enough. Here she is:

Is she not the cutest little thing? I normally don't like the look of boots with a short skirt. But she pulled it off pretty well. Don't you love the boots? Hee Hee

A mother can never have too many close-ups!

Sometimes a girl even has to stand out in the cold to get that perfect shot :-). It was 32 degrees this morning when I took this.

Alright, I think I'm done now...LOL. Have a great day!


Brown English Muffin said...

OMG I can't wait for these days!! I hope Baby C's school is into these sort of days.

Jayla looks so good as a should be proud...both of you did really really well.

And what a steal on those boots...where did you get them?

denaid said...

TOOOOOOO stinkin cute!!!

Muriel said...

You didn't make that baby suffer in the cold, did you?

Pink hats, get 2 thumbs up!

Kim said...

Jayla looks way too cute. She is a girl after my own heart with the pink.

Real Cowgirls wear PINK!!

Gwen and Dad said...

She is the cutest cowgirl in the West. . . oops ! South. I know one thing, this little chicky loves to dress up.
Your Dad and I loved them and can't wait until the next dress up event.

Gwen and Dad

ClassC Scrapper said...

Dawn, she is simply adorable and I think you have your LO title...Cowgirls Don't Wear Red!!!! Oh, I can't wait to see it!!!!

Veroncia said...

OMG, those pics are so precious. What a fun day for her class. Thanks for sharing it with us. You did a great job on her costume.

Susie Q said...

She is absolutely a doll. What fun and something she will always remember!
I love it when Gracie has a day like this...and she gets excited about it too! Worries me silly about it all...VERY detail oriented! *laugh*
She is a pink girl too!
Glad you had such fun pretty Jayla!!

Hugs and love,

Lisa D. said...

Now she is what I call a "Cowgirl"!! She looks so the boots and the pose. and the pink hat is da bomb!
;-) :-)