Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Flower Fix

Better late than never, huh?

I TOTALLY forgot about the Friday Flower Fix. Sorry, to those of you who look forward to it early in the day. But, the day is not over here ya go:
"Beauty seen is never lost: God's colors are all fast"

Have a beautiful weekend!


camport said...

Hey Dawn,

On the last challenge, we could access both pages, but when we linked your LO on the list of all the participants, I could only use one.

My suggestion would be to take one picture of both pages together and just post that one pic, with the explanation that it's two pages.

Will that work for you?

Hope that helped, Chrissy

Susie Q said...

Gorgeous!! Just like you Dawn! Beautiful quote as well...
Have a wonderful Mom's Day. No one deserves that more than you!


Gretchen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the lift! Happy Mother's Day to a delightful new friend.