Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring soccer is officially OVER!!

...well almost! We stil have to do the end of season party for the boys this coming weekend...THEN we'll be done. Can you believe that registration for the Fall season has already started? I have a feeling that this summer break is going to go by quickly and we'll be right back on those fields...this is the life I live :-). (love it!)

Ok, I'm sure you're wondering how the boys did at the State Championship? Well, the road ends here. They played their little hearts out...and so did the teams they played. However, I will say that we had some AWFUL referees and they made some TERRIBLE calls. We had quite a few goals taken away because the refs were listening to the "other" parents whining and complaining. There are line judges and that's who the refs are supposed to get the TRUE calls from. But you know what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". Funny how those "speaky wheels" didn't squeak so much when their team caught up to us. Every game, we started off ahead. Then the ref started listening to the parents and in turn, making bad calls. need in traveling back down that road. What's done is done. The Stingrays have SOO much to be proud of. They obviously did something right to have gotten this far. The district tournaments is as far as we've gotten in past seasons. But this time, they made it all the way to the State championships. That's something to be proud of! Remember the Mustangs? Well, they made it to the finals...but they had to play the one team with all the "squeaky wheels" they lost too. But again, Cobb FC was very well represented and those boys played their hearts out. Congratulations to the STINGRAYS and the MUSTANGS!!! You guys ROCK!!!

Now, for some pix from our fun weekend.

Cheryl, these first 2 are for you! I think you've found us a new tradition. As SOON as we got to the hotel, Jayla found the bed and HAD to jump on it. Now that she knows I don't mind AND I've got a camera in hand...all is right with the world :-) lol.

The next few shots were taken after the first game on Saturday. The boys played at 8am so they didn't really have time for a big breakfast. So between games, we all went to McDonalds. Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant with 11 pre-teens, 4 pre-schoolers/kindergardeners & about 12 adults? Talk about FUN!!! LOL.

The next game wasn't until the boys just chilled out on the McD's playground. Did you know you can climb better with cleats on? LOL (Yes, that's Markell laying on the top...hee hee)On Saturday, our "soccer" day was over around 2pm. So now the boys were ready for some down time. Several of them wanted to ride with us (Coach Marque), but we could only take four. The boys say that Coach Marque's ride is always "CRUNK" and bumpin the latest (clean) hip hop music :-). So here are the boys and Jayla getting "crunk" on the way back to the hotel.

The weather was GORGEOUS over the weekend. was HOT!!! I found a way to rig up a supersized umbrella onto my chair. Here's some of the girls enjoying the shade that I'd created.

Well, that's about it for the pictures. Markell was a little too disappointed to let me take a picture of him after the game yesterday. But once we got some food in him, he was fine :-).

Lastly, let me take a minute to share one more thing with you. If you find time in your busy schedules to go to the sure to check out Shrek 3! It was SOOO cute and SOOO funny! We took the kids to see it Saturday night. Everyone loved it!

Have an awesome day!!


Jude said...

Congrats to the Stingrays on such a great season. I want to ride with Coach MArque too and hear some "crunk" tunes... that is a new one for me... LOL!

Gretchen said...

Congrats to you and your family for making memories as much as for the winning attitude on the field. We learn a lot about how to work with others by doing those team sports.

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh Dawn....those pictures are GREAT!!! I feel like I was right there with you!!
Congrats to the Stingrays!!They have had an AWESOME season!!! And thatjust sucks about the refs!! We lost one of our softball games thisweekend 1-0 because of some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. The ump was actually talking with the girls from the other team, like she knew them and was clearly biased. It was crazy!!!
Tell Jayla she is the best bed-jumper!!! LOVED her pics!!! It's a great tradition, huh?
And the McD pics are great too!!
Now go get a rest from all that soccer!!
(We watched the movie "Kicking and Screaming" this weekend on DVD while traveling.You need to watch it--a funny soccer movie!!)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Cheryl - Sounds like we might have had the same refs. I told one of the parents that I guess next time we'll bring our own PAID refs like the other team did :-).

Oh my goodness, you liked that movie, Kickin & Screamin? I HATED it!!! I took the kids to see it last summer. They didn't like it either. I'm just not a fan of Will Farrell.

REST...right, I'm on it! :-)

gold said...

I know the boys played their hearts out.So they are winners.Love all your photo shots.

Brown English Muffin said...

Jayla looks so different with her hair braided! I think she looks older.

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh yeah but she's still cute a button!! LOL