Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tribute to MOM's

I'd like to start today by wishing all my friends/readers who either are mothers...or have mothers :-)...a Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you were all treated like queens today and actually got the day off (kinda).

I thought today, I'd do one big post to cover several things. First, I'd like to share with you the beautiful cards I received from the kids. There are times, when you think your kids don't pay you much attention and they just kinda wander aimlessly through the day. And then there are the days, like this day of celebrating mothers, where you see that they HAVE been paying attention and that they DO really love you.

That brings me to my first card. Markell made this card for me today in his Sunday School class. And I must tell you, it made me cry.

The reason this card made me cry is because, like I said, he's obviously paying more attention than I thought. When he plays soccer, more specifically goalie, he gets so embarassed when he hears me on the sideline shouting, "YOU ROCK KEEPER!!!" But he DOES!!! And not only when he's playing the goalie/keeper position. But of all the things he could've said about me as his "mother"...he chose to say that I ROCK! That means so much to me. Simply because I know how I mean it when I say it to him. And now I see that he too knows...he knows that it's a huge compliment. Markell, you DO ROCK!!! Thank you sweetie, I love you!

This next card is one that Jayla made in Pre-K. The cover is so cute to me. She says that that's me and her holding hands. But the inside just cracks me up. I love that she doesn't know how much I REALLY weigh...LOL. And what a compliment to be as pretty as a strawberry. I will say though, that I was surprised that she said that my favorite drink is tea. I mean, I DO...but by far, Dr. Pepper is my favorite. She told me that after she said, "tea", she remembered the D.P...but the teacher had gone on to the next question :-).

This last card is the one Jayla made in Sunday School class today. This one is really sweet to me because she's always wanting to plant flowers with me. So the teacher gaave all the kids a packet of flower seeds to plant with their mommies. Thank you, sweet girl...mommy loves you!!

And now, it's time to Be INSPIRED! And of course, its a tribute to moms.

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."

""There is only one way to lead a child down the right path...that is to go that way yourself."

"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."

"A mothers arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."
This is the gift I made for my mother for Mother's Day. She's not into scrapbooking, but does have an appreciation for the craft. I took a risk by making this LO for her, as she is sometimes embarassed by this picture. Not sure how many of you have heard of or see an issue of Jet Magazine. Well, in every issue, they have what's called a "Jet Beauty". Which is a woman in a swimsuit and a little snippit of info about her. My mom was featured as a Jet Beauty in a June 1964 issue of the magazine. Like I said, today, she's a little embarassed by this picture. But I LOVE it!!! I think she looks awesome!! Not to mention, it's something she should be very proud of.

Anyway, here's the LO/gift that I gave her. I framed it for her hopefully, she won't be too ashamed to hang it in her home somewhere :-).

Well, alrighty then, that's all I've got for today. Again, I hope all you mother's have had a wonderful day and that you enjoy the rest of it.


Leah said...

Those cards are the most precious thing!! How wonderful!

And what an awesome picture of your mom..I'm sure she loved the layout!

gold said...

Your Mom looks beautiful in that swimsuit photo.I love the cards the kids made for you.I would have cried to!!I know you had a happy mothers day.

Trina said...

HOW COOL!! Your mom was a Jet Beauty... what a great photo and a awesome layout!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!! your mother was gorgeous!!! And the layout you made looks great!!
Aren't those homemade cards the SWEETEST? Sydney made me the sweetest one in Sunday School too and I love it!!
So glad you had a good Mother's Day!! You deserve it!!

Lynilu said...

Your mom is beautiful! Tell her to be proud of that picture! Wow!

My favorite color is purple, too. And I want to weigh what you do!!! ;-) It is marvelous what children know about us, isn't it? They DO listen. They DO watch. Anyone who says some indiscretion doesn't matter because "the kid" won't remember it should read your post today.

I'm glad you had such a nice, touching day, Dawn. Carry it with you all week.

Briyanna said...

Happy Mothers Day mommy!!!

Its your oldest "DD"

camport said...

I just saw the LO you posted for Unpubbed. So cute, and so typical. I was just looking through our Christmas photos from last year and there must've been at least 200.

Love the LO!

Chrissy{and the rest from Unpubbed}

ScrappinMyRoots said...

I hope you had a great relaxing Mother's Day, Dawn! I love the kids cards... and your mother looks great and should be very proud of her photo and layout. Well done.

TanishaRenee said...

Oh, what a lucky lady you are! Your cards are so beautiful! I'll have to photograph the one my son made me. Your LO of your mom is rockin'...what a great design and gift and mom was a hottie, too! LOL!

Gretchen said...

I love the cards, Dawn. And the LO of your mom is wonderful! She SHOULD be proud! As should you. Clearly you have great kids, and God has worked in you to make you a wonderful, loving, and very supportive mom. Blessings!

P.S. Why is that question about our weight even on there???? It's supposed to be a holiday card, after all. :) Who cares!

Brown English Muffin said...

The cards nearly made me cry!!!

And now way was your mom a jet layout...Baby C's god sister is one too...maybe I should do a LO for her...but it will never look as good as yours!!!

Susie Q said...

How cool that is about your Mom!
The LO is wonderful!!!

LOVE the cards...too sweet. NOthing is better...nothing. Cherish them! Treasures!


Muriel said...

that layout is great!