Sunday, June 04, 2006

A day at the beach

Hello fellow bloggers. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Can't believe it's almost Monday already! Oh well...time to make plans for another week.

But in the meantime, I'd like to take a minute to share some recent pix of the kids. Last Thursday, a friend and fellow scrapbooker, asked several of us scrappers if we'd help her out with her new company. She's about to start a traveling portrait studio and wanted to get some pictures to start her portfolio and website. Well being that scrapbookers LOVE pictures, we were all over that idea!

So we all set up convenient times and got the kids dressed (alike/or similar of course) and headed over to Acworth Beach. We went early in the morning so the lighting was perfect. But it was hard to keep the kids out of the water until their sitting time came :-). Ever seen a bunch of mothers running around and yelling at junior (juniorette) to stay out of the water and not to throw sand? Trust me, it's a sight. Anyway, we made it to our shoot (clean & dry). We should get the pix back in about 2 weeks. However, since I knew we'd have to wait on the professional shots, I took a few of my own. I mean, I HAD to. The setting was perfect, the weather was GORGEOUS and the kids were still clean :-).

I'm no pro, but I think these pix came out pretty well. Enjoy!

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for looking.


denaid said...

Except for that pesky date stamp on all your photos, you COULD be a professional. ;) Good shots.

How far is this photographer willing to travel? (hint hint) :)

Boy, I had to catch up on your last 3 posts... I'm so behind!

Adrienne said...

Good job!

Veroncia said...

Great shots D. I just love beach shots.