Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers & Husbands Day!

Happy Father's day everyone!

In todays society, it is a blessing for those of us who have a positive male role model in our lives. I just read the post of a fellow blogger (Veronica) and she featured 4 men that are currently in her life. How cool is that? I mean, it's rare to have ONE, but she has 4. Sure, there have been some issues with some of there are with all of us. But regardless of their pasts, she honored them on this special day. Veronica, I commend you for that.

I too am blessed to have several men in my life. However, I will only feature a few here today.

First, there's my daddy. Yes, I am still a daddys girl. How could I not be? He's the first man I ever fell in love with...the first to sweep me off my feet. My dad, Julius, is a wonderful man. A man who will give the shirt off his back and the last dime from his pocked for those in need. Dad and I were separated for several years after he and my mom divorced. I think because of that, we became very close once we were reunited. And have vowed never to lose touch with eachother again. If you are EVER in the mood to laugh to the point of tears, Julius is the person to call. Although, sometimes the timing is a little less than desirable...the laughter is always welcomed. This man TRULY loves his grandkids and to them, he is the worlds best Pop-Pop. I love you, Dad. Happy Fathers Day!!

Next, there's my mothers husband, Peter. This man is wonderful!! The thing I love the most about him is how he loves my mother. When I talked to Peter for the first time, I wasn't quite sure if we would hit it off. And to this day, he probably doesn't even know I felt that way. But whatever the reservathions were that I had about him, they are TOTALLY gone now. He is an amazing man, very intelligent, very sweet...and very tall :-). And again, he LOVES my mother. He has shown me and my sister nothing but respect and love since coming into our family several years ago. We could ask for nothing better for our mother. I love you, Peter. Happy Father's Day!!

Last and DEFINITELY not least, is the MAIN man in my dear husband, Marque. Oh my goodness, I L-O-V-E this you hear me??? I love him!! Marque and I have been together a little over 20 years and in December of this year, will be married 18 years. He's GOT to be quite a man to deal with ME for so long...LOL. Marque came into my life when things were just not going my way. I was a single mother of a 16 month old daugher and having issues at home. Marque stuck with me in spite of myself. Fast forwarding a few years, he took in my 8 day old baby nephew, Markell (who is now 11 years old) without a second thought or a blink of an eye. And he has raised him like his own son. Fast forwarding several more years, he eventually became the father of our youngest daughter, Jayla. Together, we prayed for this child and God blessed us with her. Marque has worked and continues to work very hard to support our family. He even made it possible, through his faith and the grace of God, for me to become a stay at home mom. I could go on and on about my husband, but I'll stop for now. However, I will say again, that Marque has my unconditional love, he's an awesome father, husband & son, and he's beautiful...both inside and out. Marque, I love you, babe! Happy Fathers Day!!! (this picture is of Marque wearing his Father's Day gifts; the Brazillian World Cup jersey and cap)

Happy Father's Day again, everyone. Even to you mothers who are both parents to your children.


Veroncia said...

I love it Dawn. We are so blessed that there are visible men in our lives doing positive things for us and our chidren.

Tangee said...

You are so blessed, Dawn, but I know you have to be, because you are such a blessing yourself.

Briyanna said...

My daddy is such a cutie
He's the greatest man I have met... I love him always and forever....