Monday, June 05, 2006

Ya gotta start somewhere...

Well, I did it! I finally got on the bandwagon with those trying to get fit and healthy.

Being honest, I haven't exercised in almost 5 years. Well, you know what I using exercise equipment and really working up a sweat. I've been a little leary of doing that since 2001, as the last time I worked out and started seeing real results, I got pregnant :-). So, as far as I was concerned, NOT working out was kinda like my birth control...HEE HEE!!!

Anyway, my friend Cheryl G. is a member at Curves and she gave my name as someone who might be interested in joining. I took the bait, made an appointment to check the place out and 30 minutes later, I'm a Curves member. I even signed a 1 year contract.

Well, today was my first real workout and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I'm gonna try really, really hard and stick with it. However, I can't go back on Wednesday like I'd planned...a girl's gotta get her hair done ya know! LOL

I'll try and keep ya'll posted on my progress. So if you would, keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck!!!


denaid said...

I'm really proud of you! And I want details of your progress. I drive by a Curves most days of the week and I have often thought about joining. What's stopping me? The fact that we have a membership in another gym and have used it maybe 10 times in 2 years. :( Pathetic.

I'd like to know if you think the workout is effective. Good luck!

Adrienne said...

Make sure you keep track of your progress! Good luck!

Veroncia said...

Good luck in staying with it. I'm in day 10 of my 90 day countdown to my 20th class reunion. I have to lose at lease 20 pounds. I'm still hungry and cranky, but the final result is going to be great.