Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Small steps for DAWNkind :-)

Well, it's time for a CURVES update.

I went for my 11th workout today and it was time for my next set of measurements and my weigh in. Again, small steps... In total, I've lost 5 1/2 total body inches and 2.25 total body fat pounds. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like a lot. But it's a start. I was told that the next weigh in & measurement day will really start to show my progress. So until then...I'll continue to be inspired!

YAY, Me!!!


Veroncia said...

WooHoo!!!! WTG Dawn. Keep up the good work!

Tangee said...

Great job! That is awesome! You are inspiring me! We leave in a few minutes for the coast, but I had to stop in and check in with you. I'll be hitting the gym next week again. What do you do at curves?

denaid said...

Congratulations! I was just thinking about asking you about your progress when we were driving yesterday. I'm seriously thinking about joining. Keep up the good work!

Renee said...


Dawn Brown said...

That is GREAT!!!! Keep it up.
You go Girl!!!