Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jayla's first visit to the dentist

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this entry or not. As I wasn't quite sure what the outcome of todays visit would be. But I must say, Jayla's very first visit to the dentist was FABULOUS! I was pleasantly shocked at how well she did. We'd been talking about the visit and what she should expect...all in an effort to keep her from being scared.

Well, she woke up this morning and was so "decided" (a.k.a. excited) to be going to see Dr. Kimmerling. She showed me how she was going to hold her mouth open...which didn't seem like it'd be a problem to me, as much as she talks...LOL. Anyway, she was ready to go. We got there and then she got a little nervous. (prior to this visit, I had taken her to see me & Markell get our teeth cleaned so she could have a little idea of what she'd have to do). So she'd been to the office before. The hygenist was AMAZING and SO gentle with my baby. She even had the TV tuned to one of Jayla's favorite shows, just to make her more comfortable.

Anyway, here are a few pix from todays visit.

This is Jayla waiting to be called back. Poor little thing, this is when she started to look a little nervous.

The hygenist offered Jayla some glasses to wear to keep water from spraying in her face. But after trying them on, she declined :-).

Let the cleaning begin!

This picture is so funny to me. Jayla was being so brave. Look how rigid her little legs were...LOL. She did great!

Well, there were a couple more pix I wanted to add. But Blogger is obviously experiencing some issues at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for looking and if I'm able, I'll add the last 2 photos.

Define IRONY: Daddy was so proud of his baby for doing so well at the dentist today. He rewarded her with (get this...) a bag of M&M's. :-)


ClassC Scrapper said...

What great pics!!!!! I am so glad that her visit went well. I have scheduled next Thursday as my dd's first visit to the dentist, but that will have to be rescheduled as I will be "working" that day. We have been reading Dora Goes to the Dentist so I hope that all goes well when we finally go!!!

denaid said...

Too cute. Was she able to not ask questions that WHOLE time they were cleaning her teeth? :)

I'm glad it went well.

Veroncia said...

I love the pics. J did a great job being a big girl. Ava will be going with me the end of this month to see what happens at the dentist.

Trina said...

I just love how you chronicled this event! All your pictures and the journal are just too sweet! Your DD is gonna appreciate this when she is older.

Muriel said...

those pics are so cute...I loved going to the dentist when I was young....no cavities until college...geesh....