Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jayla's first visit to the dentist - Take 2

Not sure what the problem is with BLOGGER, but I can't seem to add the last 3 pictures of Jayla's visit to the dentist. So, I'm gonna try and add them here.

These are really not fantastic pictures, but SHE want's them included :-).
Time for some x-rays. Ok, now I just KNEW she'd freak out when she had to hold that metal contraption in her mouth for x-rays. And for those of you who go to the dentist, you know how uncomfortable those things are. Well, surprise, surprise...she did wonderful with those too (twice).

Jayla showing off her brand new toothbrush. She also got her very own container of dental floss (that should be interesting....LOL).

And lastly.............

Jayla and Dr. Kimmerling. Everything looks great, NO sign of cavities, everybody's happy. See ya in 6 months!


denaid said...

Too cute.

Renee said...

Great pics DAwn. I feel a layout coming on.

Tangee said...

Yeah, Jayla! Great job!