Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alright Diane, I'll bite...

Ok Mrs. May :-), I see that I've been tagged...twice. So this is my attempt at the first quiz. I actually saw these quizzes in the magazine you and I bought. But I didn't think I'd be challenged to do them :-). Well, here goes. My answers are highlighted in green.

1. Hamburger Helper or filet mignon? Fogo D' Chao. Nothing else needs to be said.
2. Van or sedan? What a mean question. Was this your idea, Diane?
3. Yellowstone Park or Disneyland? I've been to Disneyland once and that was in 1991...I wasn't too impressed then, I think Mickey and the crew were on vacation when we were there. Yellostone sounds nice.
4. McDonald's or Olive Garden? Ok, now this question is just unfair. I like both of these. However, these 2 places have NOTHING in common. But since I can only choose one, I'll pick the OG!
5. Board games or video games? I actually don't like either.
6. Snow bunnies or water babies? I HATE being cold, but I also have a fear of drowning :-). However, I LOVE the water.
7. Early birds or night owls? I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Not to mention I get the most done at night.
8. Road trip or air travel? I do like to travel, however sitting in a car any longer than 6 or 7 hours ranks up there with watching paint dry. Wish air travel wasn't so expensive.
9. White or wheat? White. I've been putting forth an effort to be a little healthier. So wheat is a good choice. However, white is pretty darn tasty too.
10. On the team or in the bleachers? On the team...under one condition. I'd like to be behind the scenes please. I'm not good at sports but I like to "help out" :-) Guess that means I need to have my hynie in the bleachers, huh? :-)

Alright lady, I did it. Hope you've been humoured :-). Tag time....Tangee, Renee, Veronica, Muriel, Tiffany and anybody else who has time :-). Be inspired!


denaid said...

Question #2 is my favorite. I didn't put it in there, but you KNOW I thought of you when I saw it. :D

Muriel said...

no board games...

I love games...LOVE them....