Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy 102nd Birthday!

Today is my Great-Grandmother's 102nd birthday! Can you BELIEVE it??? I just couldn't imagine being 102. I mean, if God allows me to live on this earth for THAT long, I'd sure put forth a concerted effort :-).

I talked to Mama Gaitwood today and wished her a Happy Birthday. It was so nice to hear her voice on the phone. She could hardly talk through the big grin I "heard" in her voice.

There's a man (somewhere) who goes and visits people that have lived a Century or longer. Does anyone know who he is? I've seen him on the news and I think he works for a news station somewhere. But I'm just not sure where. I'd love to get in touch with him and tell him about Mama Gaitwood. She likes having company :-). If ANYONE knows who this guy it and/or how to reach him, please leave me a comment here. Thanks.

This is my Great-Grandmother the day after Christmas last year.

Happy Birthday, Mama Gaitwood. I Love you!!


Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

Hi Dana,

How beautiful, celebrating your Great Grandmother's birthday!!...If I am not mistaken, the news reporter you are speaking about is Willard Scott and he was on the "Today" Show (NBC). I haven't watched the "Today" show in quite some time, so I am not sure if he is still on there. Good luck! and best wishes to your Great-Grandmom!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

forgot to mention what a beautiful picture!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to your Great Grandmother. She is a beautiful lady.

denaid said...

Wow. Congratulations Mama Gaitwood!

I was never so lucky to know any of my great grandparents. My family has a history of having children in their 30s so the great grandparents were long gone when I came around. My grandmother died several years ago at 93.

You're very lucky to have a piece of your history so alive and with you today!

P.S. I watch the Today show every day and Willard does still make mention of the 100+ crowd and shows their pictures.

Trina said...

WOW! That's beautiful! My great-grandmother lived to be 102 it was such a great experience to talk with her. It's such a blessing to have an elder in your family that has seen and gone through so much.

Veroncia said...

What a blessing that is. My great-granny pasted in 2001, and I miss her soooo much. I can tell in your post your know just know lucky you are to have her still her with you. Happy Birthday!!!!

Adrienne said...

What a blessing! Tony's great grandma lived until she was 106!!!!

Dawn V. Brown said...

Happy 102nd Birthday!

Dawn - she is absolutely beautiful.
You are so blessed to still have her in your life.