Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yes, ANOTHER quiz...

Ok, Diane, here's the 2nd one. I must confess, after reading your answers, I was hoping I wouldn't get tagged for this one. Looks a little complicated to me :-) You know I'm such an introvert...HAHAHA. Here goes!

1. Where did you live growing up? I was born in Queens, NY. I lived there until I was 5 when my parents divorced. Then I lived, albeit brief, in Mobile, AL. I then moved to Georgia and have lived here since 1972. So I guess this is actually where I grew up.

2. What did you like about growing up there? Nothing at first. But then when I weighed my options (NYC or Alabama), I figured it wasn't too bad a place to grow up.

3. What didn't you like? Can't think of anything I didn't like in particular. Into my teens, I merely thought of it as a place to live.

4. How did growing up there shape you? I'm not sure that actually growing up in Georgia is what shaped me. I think it was my friends and my mother. Both in good and bad ways.

5. How old was your house, what was unique about it? Well, we lived in an apartment for the first year we were here. That I hated. The house we moved to in Decatur, Ga was maybe 10 years old when we moved in in 1973. There was nothing really unique about it. Now that I think about it, it looks very similar to the "cookie cutter" starter homes being built today.

6. What did you love most about your home or hometown? LOVE is a pretty strong word. But the most memorable part about that house is that's where I brought my baby daughter home to.
7. Did your family do things with neighbor families? Yes. My mom was quite the social butterfly :-). Seems like there was something going on every weekend. Something like home decor parties, jewelry parties, adults getting together to play cards, etc. Maybe that's why I enjoy having company so much.

8. What places were within walking distance? My high school. And even though my mom thought my elementary school and the public park pool were within walking distance...THEY WEREN'T! Let's see, oh, a convenience store and a store called Richway which is now affectionately known as Target.

9. Where was your favorite place to go in your hometown? I use to love going to Richway. I even worked there for a while during my Junior & Senior years in high school. Every Saturday, we'd go roller skating...which I LOVED!

10. What did the kids in your neighborhood do for fun? We loved hanging out at the track and tennis court of our high school. It was about a block up the street. We also hung out at my friend, Dee Dee's house a lot. She had a pool. I thought her family was RICH! :-) We'd skate up and down the street and our favorite past time was doing cheers in my driveway.

UGH, that was a struggle! But I made it through. Thanks Diane! Alright, Tangee, Renee, Veronica, Muriel and anyone else I may have forgotten...you're up!!! You've been tagged.


Tangee said...

I'm learning so much about you!

denaid said...

It's really interesting... reading yours it seems like we grew up so differently but kids are just kids and I bet it wasn't all that different.

Thanks for the post. ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

Wow I too learnt so much about you...I had no idea that had you not moved when you were 5 we'd be neighbours!!!

Renee said...

Okay, great quizzes. I will take a shot at it this week, since I now have my computer here. I need to go find that quizzes book. I need to find a good bookstore here. Any ideas?