Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've been tagged (Thanks Veronica)

Well, I thought I was just going to "borrow" this from Adrienne. Because she didn't tag anyone in particular. However, as I'm thinking of how I might answer these, I begin reading Veronica's BLOG and see that she did in fact tag me with this same thing :-). So, who am I to turn down a challenge? (Don't answer that Adrienne or Muriel. I know you've challenged me to TRY and do some LO's about myself)

Anyway, here's goes: (This should be fun)

I WANT: A Cadillac SRX, my own scrapROOM, to be a good person, a new lens for my camera, there to be a cure for ALL types of cancer, my hunger headache to go away
I HAVE: A "minor" addiction to Dr. Pepper :-), to figure out what I want for dinner, wonderful friends
I WISH: I could change some of my past, I could get my hair done once a week (ok, once a day...smile), gas wasn't so expensive, there were more scrapbook stores in my area, I was in better shape, I was more organized
I HATE: The word HATE, yardwork, cleaning, belly aches, headaches, arguing and when someone (a man) tries to get over on me with regards to my vehicle (I don't sound bitter, do I?)
I MISS: My kids being babies, the "good ole days", my grandfather, my cousin Barbara & my SIL Paula
I HEAR: My husband talking to his computer :-), cartoons, and my radio
I WONDER: Why I don't feel worthy of nice things (especially those things I already have), why we can't skip a month on the bills and not be penalized :-)
I REGRET: Not having a better relationship with my oldest DD, trading in my Tahoe
I AM NOT: As patient as I'd like to be, on the computer as much as people think, good with numbers
I DANCE: Like it's still the 80's :-)
I SING: Daily! I love to sing
I CRY: At the drop of a dime! I'm very emotional
I AM NOT ALWAYS: In a good mood
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Scrapbook layouts/memories for my family, dinner every night
I WRITE: TERRIBLY!!! (that's why I type everything...hee hee)
I CONFUSE: People sometimes with too many details (don't wanna leave out anything)
I NEED: A new bra :-), some spending money, a Dr. Pepper :-)
I SHOULD: Read my bible more often, clean my scrap area, find out why the kids are so quiet right now :-)
I START: Home projects and sometimes don't want to finish them
I FINISH: A Dr. Pepper in no time :-)

Well, there you have it. This was fun. Now it's my turn to tag: Diane, Muriel, Tangee & Tiffany


Adrienne said...

ROFLOL! Get a new bra!! LOL, I just got some from Victoria Secret and LOVE them!!!!

Veroncia said...

I am all over the being allowed to sikp paying bills for a month. Dawn for President!!!!

Muriel said...

ok ok...I am going to get right on this...lol...better late than never right?