Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yes, ANOTHER quiz...

Ok, Diane, here's the 2nd one. I must confess, after reading your answers, I was hoping I wouldn't get tagged for this one. Looks a little complicated to me :-) You know I'm such an introvert...HAHAHA. Here goes!

1. Where did you live growing up? I was born in Queens, NY. I lived there until I was 5 when my parents divorced. Then I lived, albeit brief, in Mobile, AL. I then moved to Georgia and have lived here since 1972. So I guess this is actually where I grew up.

2. What did you like about growing up there? Nothing at first. But then when I weighed my options (NYC or Alabama), I figured it wasn't too bad a place to grow up.

3. What didn't you like? Can't think of anything I didn't like in particular. Into my teens, I merely thought of it as a place to live.

4. How did growing up there shape you? I'm not sure that actually growing up in Georgia is what shaped me. I think it was my friends and my mother. Both in good and bad ways.

5. How old was your house, what was unique about it? Well, we lived in an apartment for the first year we were here. That I hated. The house we moved to in Decatur, Ga was maybe 10 years old when we moved in in 1973. There was nothing really unique about it. Now that I think about it, it looks very similar to the "cookie cutter" starter homes being built today.

6. What did you love most about your home or hometown? LOVE is a pretty strong word. But the most memorable part about that house is that's where I brought my baby daughter home to.
7. Did your family do things with neighbor families? Yes. My mom was quite the social butterfly :-). Seems like there was something going on every weekend. Something like home decor parties, jewelry parties, adults getting together to play cards, etc. Maybe that's why I enjoy having company so much.

8. What places were within walking distance? My high school. And even though my mom thought my elementary school and the public park pool were within walking distance...THEY WEREN'T! Let's see, oh, a convenience store and a store called Richway which is now affectionately known as Target.

9. Where was your favorite place to go in your hometown? I use to love going to Richway. I even worked there for a while during my Junior & Senior years in high school. Every Saturday, we'd go roller skating...which I LOVED!

10. What did the kids in your neighborhood do for fun? We loved hanging out at the track and tennis court of our high school. It was about a block up the street. We also hung out at my friend, Dee Dee's house a lot. She had a pool. I thought her family was RICH! :-) We'd skate up and down the street and our favorite past time was doing cheers in my driveway.

UGH, that was a struggle! But I made it through. Thanks Diane! Alright, Tangee, Renee, Veronica, Muriel and anyone else I may have forgotten...you're up!!! You've been tagged.

Alright Diane, I'll bite...

Ok Mrs. May :-), I see that I've been tagged...twice. So this is my attempt at the first quiz. I actually saw these quizzes in the magazine you and I bought. But I didn't think I'd be challenged to do them :-). Well, here goes. My answers are highlighted in green.

1. Hamburger Helper or filet mignon? Fogo D' Chao. Nothing else needs to be said.
2. Van or sedan? What a mean question. Was this your idea, Diane?
3. Yellowstone Park or Disneyland? I've been to Disneyland once and that was in 1991...I wasn't too impressed then, I think Mickey and the crew were on vacation when we were there. Yellostone sounds nice.
4. McDonald's or Olive Garden? Ok, now this question is just unfair. I like both of these. However, these 2 places have NOTHING in common. But since I can only choose one, I'll pick the OG!
5. Board games or video games? I actually don't like either.
6. Snow bunnies or water babies? I HATE being cold, but I also have a fear of drowning :-). However, I LOVE the water.
7. Early birds or night owls? I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Not to mention I get the most done at night.
8. Road trip or air travel? I do like to travel, however sitting in a car any longer than 6 or 7 hours ranks up there with watching paint dry. Wish air travel wasn't so expensive.
9. White or wheat? White. I've been putting forth an effort to be a little healthier. So wheat is a good choice. However, white is pretty darn tasty too.
10. On the team or in the bleachers? On the team...under one condition. I'd like to be behind the scenes please. I'm not good at sports but I like to "help out" :-) Guess that means I need to have my hynie in the bleachers, huh? :-)

Alright lady, I did it. Hope you've been humoured :-). Tag time....Tangee, Renee, Veronica, Muriel, Tiffany and anybody else who has time :-). Be inspired!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Layout - I'm a Pepper!

Ok, I'm getting pretty good at this. As I've mentioned recently, I've been challenged to do some scrapbook layouts about myself. One would think this is easy to do. But THIS one knows that it's not.
However, I'm always up for a challenge ( ok, "always" is a big word). How bout, I'm OFTEN up for a challenge? :-)
Anyway, I've stepped up to the task at hand and I've finished my 3rd layout about myself. This time, I did one about one of my favorite beverages...Dr. Pepper! Now those who know me know that this is my all time favorite drink. So why not do a scrapbook layout about it? It was all in fun, so why not? Well, here it is. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking.

Special Thank you to Tangee!

Tangee, I wanted to take a moment to send you a SPECIAL thank you. I received the bracelet you made for me today. And I must say, I LOVE it! The picture on your blog was pretty enough. But it's even more gorgeous in person! My MIL and a good friend of mine were here when I opened it and they were both very impressed. Not only by the bracelet, but by the fact that someone I've never even met, thought enough of me to send me such a beautiful gift. Today was what I call a good mail day! :-)

I thank you again! You're a sweetheart.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Layout - 3 Pretty Girls

Hello all. I want to take a minute and share a new layout with you. This, as are most of my layouts, is a special one. The pictures are of my daughter, Jayla and her cousins.

Thanks Shirlene & Derron, for letting me show off your beautiful daughters.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Scrapbook EXPO came to town

Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this day for over a year! Today (and tomorrow) The Scrapbook Expo is in town. I LOVE going to the EXPO. It has been coming to Georgia for 4 years now, and I have been every single year. I have even introduced several of my scrapping buddies to it. Next year, hopefully ALL of us can go. The Expo is always held in Gwinnett County which is a good 43 miles away from where I live in Cobb County. My friend & scrapping buddy, Mandy, still finds it real humorous that I got us there last year in about 20 minutes flat...including stopping from breakfast :-). Well, you know how it is when a girl is on a mission!

Anyway, it took a little longer this year :-)...Traffic! We met up with a few more friends there and had a great time. I had more money to spend this year, so personally, I had a BALL!!!

Here's a list of all the goods I found:

2 Clear Expressions Scrapbook Page Overlays
4 sheets of Carolee's Creations Patterned Paper
9 sheets of SEI patterned cardstock
Small Heidi Swapp flowers (White, Yellow, Crimson & Dark Pink)
JoLee's soccer ball embellishments
4 Layout titles from Laser Designs
2 sheets of Disney Princesses stickers (Jayla is having a princess birthday party in a few months)
Fancy Pants Big Board Chipboard scrolls (Regular price, $7.50, got 'em for 50% off)
4 packs of Plain Janes chipboard accents (arrows, swirls, decorative accents & brackets)
2 oz. cup of eyelets, brads, buttons, & shells (fill up the cup with as many of these items as you can for $13.00. I'm SURE I got over 200 items in that little cup...what a deal)

Well, that's about it. I was going to take pix of everything. But I decided it would be easier to just list it all. Boy, I sure wish I could go tomorrow and grab some more good deals. Oh well, there's always next year!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've been tagged (Thanks Veronica)

Well, I thought I was just going to "borrow" this from Adrienne. Because she didn't tag anyone in particular. However, as I'm thinking of how I might answer these, I begin reading Veronica's BLOG and see that she did in fact tag me with this same thing :-). So, who am I to turn down a challenge? (Don't answer that Adrienne or Muriel. I know you've challenged me to TRY and do some LO's about myself)

Anyway, here's goes: (This should be fun)

I WANT: A Cadillac SRX, my own scrapROOM, to be a good person, a new lens for my camera, there to be a cure for ALL types of cancer, my hunger headache to go away
I HAVE: A "minor" addiction to Dr. Pepper :-), to figure out what I want for dinner, wonderful friends
I WISH: I could change some of my past, I could get my hair done once a week (ok, once a day...smile), gas wasn't so expensive, there were more scrapbook stores in my area, I was in better shape, I was more organized
I HATE: The word HATE, yardwork, cleaning, belly aches, headaches, arguing and when someone (a man) tries to get over on me with regards to my vehicle (I don't sound bitter, do I?)
I MISS: My kids being babies, the "good ole days", my grandfather, my cousin Barbara & my SIL Paula
I HEAR: My husband talking to his computer :-), cartoons, and my radio
I WONDER: Why I don't feel worthy of nice things (especially those things I already have), why we can't skip a month on the bills and not be penalized :-)
I REGRET: Not having a better relationship with my oldest DD, trading in my Tahoe
I AM NOT: As patient as I'd like to be, on the computer as much as people think, good with numbers
I DANCE: Like it's still the 80's :-)
I SING: Daily! I love to sing
I CRY: At the drop of a dime! I'm very emotional
I AM NOT ALWAYS: In a good mood
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Scrapbook layouts/memories for my family, dinner every night
I WRITE: TERRIBLY!!! (that's why I type everything...hee hee)
I CONFUSE: People sometimes with too many details (don't wanna leave out anything)
I NEED: A new bra :-), some spending money, a Dr. Pepper :-)
I SHOULD: Read my bible more often, clean my scrap area, find out why the kids are so quiet right now :-)
I START: Home projects and sometimes don't want to finish them
I FINISH: A Dr. Pepper in no time :-)

Well, there you have it. This was fun. Now it's my turn to tag: Diane, Muriel, Tangee & Tiffany

Monday, July 10, 2006


A dear friend of mine sent me the following today via email. I was so touched by it and thought it was the sweetest thing.

So I thought I'd share it with all of you, my friends (old & new), family, fellow scrappers and fellow bloggers.

Hope this picture comes through; if not, it shows a line of little girls holding hands facing the immensity of ocean waves. Alone they might be washed away, but together they stand strong. Thank you each for holding my hand somewhere along the way when I was facing a wave of my own. I hope you will reach for my hand when your own wave threatens.

All of us girls...
Old and young...
Near and far...
Hold special memories of good times we've shared.
We've had our share of hard times when our friends were there to make us feel better.
We've shared...
our hearts
our time
our secrets
our fears
our hopes
and our dreams.
Let us never break the chain of friends!

Wasn't that sweet? Thanks Kris...I love ya, girl!

Special Thank you...

To Diane, Veronica, Trina, Renee & Lisa D. (even though you called me the wrong name...smile) and to anyone else I may have forgotten, for the sweet comments about my Mama Gaitwood. I also thank those of you who told me that Willard Scott was the person to contact about the birthday wishes. I found out what all was needed to have him send a "birthday shout out"...(hee hee), and I'll be mailing the letter to him tomorrow.

Thank you again ladies. Ya'll ROCK!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy 102nd Birthday!

Today is my Great-Grandmother's 102nd birthday! Can you BELIEVE it??? I just couldn't imagine being 102. I mean, if God allows me to live on this earth for THAT long, I'd sure put forth a concerted effort :-).

I talked to Mama Gaitwood today and wished her a Happy Birthday. It was so nice to hear her voice on the phone. She could hardly talk through the big grin I "heard" in her voice.

There's a man (somewhere) who goes and visits people that have lived a Century or longer. Does anyone know who he is? I've seen him on the news and I think he works for a news station somewhere. But I'm just not sure where. I'd love to get in touch with him and tell him about Mama Gaitwood. She likes having company :-). If ANYONE knows who this guy it and/or how to reach him, please leave me a comment here. Thanks.

This is my Great-Grandmother the day after Christmas last year.

Happy Birthday, Mama Gaitwood. I Love you!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Album is done!

I can't believe it, I'm already done with my daughter, Briyanna's modeling photos album. It only took me about 2 weeks to complete, I think. And I must say, she is one beautiful girl...which made making the LO's very motivating. Notice I didn't say they were easy! Sheesh, anything BUT!!!

She loves and wears a lot of black. So I had to use it quite a bit. But for those of you who scrapbook, you know that black is a great "staple" in this hobby. So I made it work.

I experienced some technical difficulties with Blogger today and therefore, I wasn't able to post the LO's here. So, I created an "album" of them on the 2 Peas site.

Click on the attached link to see "The Model" . http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/album_display.asp?album_id=53237
Most of these are 2 pages, so simply click on the layout that's displayed then you can see both pages.

Enjoy and thanks for your time. Be inspired...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having or have had a nice 4th. Ours was great...as it always is being with family. My BIL cooked TONS of food and boy was it good. I'm just thankful that I'm not having to do my weigh in at Curves tomorrow...as I'm sure that today alone, I've gained those 5 1/2 inches back :-).

Not much else to blog about today. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Until next time...be inspired!