Friday, August 17, 2007

Upcoming weekend, new friends, Update on Markell & Friday Flower Fix (not necessarily in this order)

Happy Friday!!!

I know, I know, it's already mid afternoon and I haven't posted the Friday Flower Fix yet. I should be ashamed of myself. I'm NOT...but I know I should be :-). I have a really good reason for not having done this yet. But I'll get to that in a bit. In the you go. (
Special thanks to Jayla for choosing this weeks fix).

Ya know, it is always nice to make and meet new friends. And THIS is my reason for being late with the FFF :-). Today, I had the priviledge of meeting someone new. Colleen is a fellow blogger and scrapbooker. We have exchanged comments on our blogs as well as Instant Messages. We finally met today at a place that is obviously, near and dear to both of us...Archivers. It was very interesting how we immediately clicked. I mean, she came in the store (I was already in there waiting for her) and we started talking to eachother like we've known one another for years. Later, as we browsed the store, Colleen even mentioned that we didn't have that "awkward" first meeting feeling. So cool when 2 people are getting the same vibe. Once we gave Archivers some of our money, we went for lunch. Then on to another scrapbook store then to JoAnn's. Needless to say, I thourougly enjoyed meeting her (she's such a pretty lady too). We have agreed that we'll meet up again in the near future and possibly go here for a yummy treat. One can never have too many friends and hopefully this is a new friendship in the making.

So, do you all have a big weekend planned? I know one thing, I'm gonna be somewhere that it's nice and cool. It's too freakin hot to be outside. Which brings me to MY plans for the weekend. I'm sure I've mentioned one time or two, that every Wednesday night, me and several friends get together and scrapbook from 7pm - midnight. Well, tomorrow, all of us are getting together to scrapbook ALL DAY! We're gonna get started around 9am and go until late in the evening. We did this at my house last year and it was so much fun! So, we're gonna try it again at an unspecified location :-). Hopefully, we've started something we can do annually. Can't wait!!!

And last...but definitely not least, we FINALLY heard from Markell. I know several of you have asked how he's been doing since he left. (Thank you all for your concern). Sorry that I haven't had anything to share, because we hadn't heard from him. The last time we saw or talked to him was when he and my sister came over for the 4th of July. Then this past Sunday, the day before school started, he gave us a call. We were all so excited to hear from him. He spoke with Marque first and as most 12 year old boys, didn't have much to say. Other than he wasn't really looking forward to starting back to school and a new one at that :-). When I finally got to speak with him, he sounded so sad...then he started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he still really misses us. I did good not to burst into tears myself. But I reassured him that we ALL still miss eachother and for him to be prepared for that feeling to hang around for a while. Like the scrapbook LO that I did says, "Me missing you is my hearts way of reminding me that I love you!" After speaking with me, he talked to Jayla for a few minutes then told us that he'd call us after his first day of school, to let us know how it went. We didn't hear from him. However, a few days later, my sister sent us these pictures she took of him on his first day of school.

What a handsome guy he is, don't you think? He obviously still hates having his picture taken :-). Well, he shouldn't be so stinkin cute.

Jayla successfully made it through her first week of kindergarten (and so did her She got 5 green stars (green stars mean you had a great day and she got one everyday this week). The teacher lets the children pick a prize from the treasure box if they have a good week. So wouldn't you know it, Jayla chose Playdoh! ARGH!!! I hate that stuff.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'd better go and get (mentally) ready for High School Musical 2...only 4 1/2 hours until show time!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Leah said...

Markell is so cute!

I can't get over how many people are gonna be watching HSM2 tonight!

And I haven't forgotten your tag, just still thinking of my words to match my name..I'll post it soon! have a great weekend!

Adrienne said...

So glad he is doing ok!!!

denaid said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I miss him too. He has gotten so big and he's so dang handsome. I'm so glad that he called you and realizes how much he misses you.

Sniff... I must go wipe my eyes now :(

Veroncia said...

Well, well, well. I say that you have has a great week threefold. I'm so glad that M called you guys. he is such a handsome boy.

Jude said...

SO glad to hear that Markell is doing okay, and I was even glad to hear he was missing you all. How neat that you got to meet Colleen! Her kit sight is awesome! I totally understand what you meant about the no awkward first meeting, and yep, that makes it so much fun! Now that you are tempting me with both Archivers AND Ikea, I will be bringing me and that new baby down as soon as I can talk micah into it!! LOL... :)

Lynilu said...

Oh, good! I'm so glad you heard from Markell! Both kids back in school and both are alright. Whew. Still tough missing him, I know. :') But all of you will be fine, I'm sure.

gold said...

I am so glad you heard from Markell!He does look very handsome in the picture!!

Sounds like you are having a great weekend!!

Cheryl Wray said...

SO good to hear from you about your weekend! I can't believe that I am JUST popping on here to read it, though!!
How FUN that you got to meet Colleen!! That is so great! And, I absolutely still want to meet up with you sometime. Maybe when it cools down for good! :-)
I am SO glad you got to talk to Markell. I know you hated to hear him cry, but I'm sure it was reassuring to know that he misses you all. I hope he continues to keep in touch!
And what a cutie! The pictures of him are great!
HSM2 was SO cute, wasn't it?

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh I can't wait to hear about was High School Musical 2 and how was the all day scrapbooking event? eyes were full or tears reading the part about M, I wish it had been that you guys were going to call him I would have loved that.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for sharing about Markell. It's an adjustment for all concerned, but you are such an amazing support for him. Blessings.