Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend recap & Inspired to INSPIRE...

Happy Sunday everyone! (Before you read any further, please understand that I DO know how to seperate paragraphs...however, Blogger doesn't nor will it save any changes I make to show that separation.). Ok, that was just a special word from your Carry on....
Did you all have a nice weekend? Mine was very nice...relaxing, just like I like it. Weather permitting, this will be the official first week of soccer. It's been raining for the past few days. So much this past Saturday that the power went out for close to 2 hours. And it's been scattered thunderstorms since then. The weather report says it's supposed to be scattered T-storms throughout this week. So we'll see what happens with soccer practice. Did you know that soccer fields don't like the water? :-) Especially the ones on a flood plain...which ours are.
Speaking of soccer, we went to purchase new cleats for Jayla and coach daddy. And not only did we leave there with those, but we also got more shin guards for Jayla and a new balls for both she and daddy. Jayla's ball was either lost or stolen at the beginning of last season. So maybe this new pink one will be easy to keep up with. Every season, Jayla wants me to take a picture of her new soccer gear. However, she didn't think anyone would be interested in seeing her shinguards, she says those are "personal"
It's always funny when we are able to get coach daddy out and shopping...the man goes crazy. As I mentioned, he got himself a new pair of cleats, which he really needed. And a bright orange soccer ball. He also looked at another pair of "coaches cleats" know, for game days (insert rolling eyes here). The ONLY reason he didn't get them was because they didn't have anymore in stock. So we all know what that means...that's right, "I" will be going by there over the next few weeks to pick them up for him. I guess that'll be the time I can pick up my new soccer magnet for the van...hee hee.
ANYWAY...sorry to bore you all with my soccer ramblings. I just really love soccer season and I'm excited that it's about to begin.
So with that, I thank you all for your patience. And now, before I attempt to "inspire", let me explain why I chose this quote. I simply LOVE entertaining and having guests over. My door is always open to friends and family who want to visit. So when I saw this picture and this quote, it seemed so welcoming to me. Not to mention, I want everyone who enters our home to feel come by anytime.

"May each soul that steps inside, feel the joy where love abides, and the warmth of God's true love He sends us freely from above."

NOTE: this isn't my home...but it sure screams Southern hospitality, doesn't it?

Have a great week!!


Jude said...

Loving the new pink ball! Lincoln's got taken last year too... a cute little blue nike ball, I was sad! I love the quote you found, and yeah, that little "porch" would be soooo nice!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love that quote and that picture! i could relax in that little spot!

I love that you love soccer. I love this time of year because two of my favorite sports are going on! Travel softball will start again soon and college football. Oh yeah!!! I am beyond excited!!!!! Roll Tide!

I love the pink ball, How cute is that?

I can't wait to start reading your soccer posts!

denaid said...

pssst. Look at simple HTML tags. See the third line down. Use it numerous times in a row to create lots of white space.

patti_cake said...

Hi Dawn, i've been meaning to visit you (came via Lynilu) I think this really does scream "southern hospitality"! Beautiful and welcoming!

We don't do any sports yet but if we do Maddie would definitely want a pink ball! I love it! Best of luck to Jayla & coach Dad in soccer this year!

Susie Q said...

Love the quote and the piccie! How did you get a picture of my front porch?? Um..okay. It is the front porch in my imagination!

The pink ball was too, too cute.

Soccer season is here again and I know you are excited!


Gretchen said...

That pink ball says "gretchen" all over it. Love the quote, too. I wish I could come over for coffee and scrappin' some time. :)