Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Flower Fix & weekend plans

Hello everyone. So, how has your week been? Once again, mine has been a blur. How bout a recap:

Monday - Volunteered at Jayla's school and ran errands. Soccer practice that evening.
Tuesday - Met a friend for breakfast then went to Archivers to look at scrapbooking stuff that I don't need.
Wednesday - Took my MIL to the doctor and got some great news. You may remember, a few weeks ago she was in the hospital and then had a follow up. Well, the day of the follow up, they sent her to have a MRA done due to her dizziness. They found a small clot that could potentially turn into an aneurysm. Well on Wednesday of this week, she had a follow up with an Neurologist. He showed us about how big the spot in her brain is. It's VERY small. He assured us that it wasn't dangerous and is more than likely NOT the cause of her headaches or bouts of dizziness. It maybe something as simple as her immune system being a little off...which is very "fixable". What an answer to prayer. Then on Wednesday night, I had my weekly Girls Night, which started with, yet another, trip to Archivers (It was on the way...gimme a break!). Had a ball. Didn't get much scrapping done...but I laughed a lot (as usual).
Thursday - I went on a "road trip" to another county to a JoAnns store (the one I usually go to didn't have what I needed). I was VERY disappointed when I found it as it was simply a dressed up hole in the wall. HATE when that happens. I get ALL the way over there and they didn't have it either, ARGH!!! Oh well, you live and you learn :-).
Friday/Today: I volunteered at Jayla's school again. Still trying to figure out "how I got here" being this point in my life. What a great class she's in.

And now for my weekend plans:

~Jayla is supposed to have a soccer game tonight. But it rained a little bit earlier. And if it starts back up, it wouldn't surprise me if they cancelled it.
~Tomorrow, there are no morning games. But the big Stingrays play at 2pm. I'm gonna have to miss that game, as I will be going to scrapbook with my buddies from 2 until 10pm or so. Can't wait for that! Guess I'd better get my pictures together to work on.
~Sunday, we'll go to Sunday school/church. Then the boys have another game later in the day.

Welp, that's about it for me. What a life, huh? :-) (Somebody's gotta live it...may as well be me!)

Thank you all for your patience and your time. And now, without further ado, here's your Flower Fix:
That's a pretty way to end a post, huh? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL flower you chose for today! LOVE those colors!

Sheesh... what a busy,busy week! I think you could just transport us into each other's lives and we'd adjust just fine! :-)

Good luck on the soccer games!!! Delaney has a first game at 8 am tomorrow. TOO earlyfor me. I think I might just make it to the 9:30 and 12:30 games! lol

I'm SO jealous of your scrap time with friends.Haven't done that in weeks!! (One of these days I might just show up at yours!!)

Lynilu said...

Those flowers are amazing! Gorgeous!

Your busy weekend sound a lot more fun than mine! Cleaning the house, winterizing it, all in preparation of leaving next week! Work, work, work. Bah. But how fun is my trip going to be? Wowzer!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Sounds like a full full glad to hear about your MIL good news!!

Jude said...

Hope you have a fun weekend, and is it bad that I am glad that soccer is over? I am ready to have my Saturdays back! LOL...

Susie Q said...

I LOVE the flowers today!! Gorgeous colors!

You HAVE been a busy lady!! Good luck with teh soccer games!!

I wish I could scrap with friends but I do not know too many who do it here. Maybe I need to go to one of the shops...that would be fun!

Today is MY 51st BD!! Pop on over when you can 'cause I am taking you and Jayla with all the blog buddies to NYC in the 50s!! *grin*
Have fun this weekend...take care of yourself!!

Love and hugs,

patti_cake said...

I did have a wonderful week-end and I hope you did too!