Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a SLACKER!!!

Hey ya'll.

Ok, OK...I admit it, I'm a SLACKER. I know I said in my post on Friday that I'd be back with a "better" post. Well, yesterday got away from me and I'm not getting back here until now. Well, I guess I didn't actually say WHEN I'd be back, huh? I am. So, how's your weekend going so far? Mine is going pretty well. Let's see, here's the breakdown thus far:

~Friday, my MIL and I went to the grocery store. And I wound up spending $97! What's up with that? I didn't have but a couple things to get. I HATE when that happens.

~Later Friday evening, me and several of my gal pals got together for an event sponsored by this group. It was pretty nice. The theme was "birthdays". So we had a big ole birthday party for everybody. Afterwards, several of us went out for dessert. I had no idea there were still places on earth where people could smoke indoors. Well, this place we went had a smoking "section". So needless to say, we were all a little smokey smelling by the time we left. We all got a kick out of where our husbands thought we may have REALLY been that night :-).

~Yesterday, I jumped up at 6:30am because I thought it was a weekday and I had over slept :-). Marque quickly reminded me that it was Saturday. WHEW!!! Jayla had yet another 9am game. Only half of the other team showed up, so we had to forfeit. But we went ahead and played them anyway, it just didn't "count". So, let's keep up with tradition and say the Lil Stingrays won! LOL. Later in the day, the big Stingrays played. And BOY did they PLAY!!! They won 11 - 0!!! Talk about a BLOW OUT!!! Fortunately, the other teams coach knows our coaches and wasn't that upset about his team losing. He told our coaches that the Stingrays are an awesome team and he didn't think we were just "scoring at will" to be mean and to stack the score. I mean, c'mon...10 of the 16 boys that were there yesterday scored. So it was a great game. Only bad thing was, Jayla lost my Sapphire ring :-(. But it's partially my fault. I shouldn't have let her see it. She was sitting right in front of me and I was watching her with it. But I'm thinking that the game just got exciting and I totally forgot that she had it. So it didn't even dawn on me to ask her for it when she got up to go play with her the grass...behind me. When it finally hit me that I no longer had it on, it was too late. I was just thankful that I hadn't let her see my engagement/diamond ring instead...because she DID ask for that one. After the game, serveral of us went here, of all places, for dinner. (insert rolling eyes here) :-). It was fun though.

~Today, we went to church. The Stingrays have yet another game this afternoon at 4pm. And from what we here, this is gonna be their hardest game of the season. So hopefully, they'll keep up with their winning streak and not let the potential difficulty of todays team get the best of them. (6:45pm EST game update. Well, todays game was very difficult, just as we expected. But the boys played really well. However, not well enough. We lost 8 - 2 :-(. But like I said, they played really well and played THEIR game. It's just that the team we played has been playing U14 for 2 seasons longer than us. We just moved up this season. SO....having that in mind, our boys played they little hearts out. Well, there's always next weekend.)

ANYway...that's all I've got for now. I'll update later (maybe) with the outcome of todays game. Until then, ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Lynilu said...

Uh-huh! Very cleaver, not giving a time frame! LOL! Never, ever box yourself in!

Quite a busy weekend! I laughed about jumping up at 6:30. I've done that so many times. Now days I don't worry about it but occasionally since I'm a lazy, I mean, laid back retiree!!

patti_cake said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end for you and I love Hooters food. Seriously.
I've done the jumping up-thinking i'm late thing too LOL

Sherry said...

I smile when I read about the running around you do with the children, with the soccer...I've lived those days and loved every single one of them!! Cherish and enjoy them!!

I smiled at you spending more money in the grocery store than you'd planned...I do that every time I go somewhere for "one" thing...I always remember another 20 I'd forgotten I needed!! :) Life is just funny that way!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Whew... you were BUSY!!!!!

I HATE it when I go and spend that much at the grocery store...especially when I didn't plan it!

Soccer sounds great!!

My weekend? HS football on Fri, Bama on Sat, and also softball (Delaney hit a grand slam!)

And not posting since Friday doesn't make you a slacker. It means you're an addicted blogger...just like me! lol

gold said...


My son's football sometimes go to eat at hooters after a game.I WONDER WHY!!!;(

Susie Q said...

Your weekends are always so fun packed!! And they do sound like great times...GO Jayla!! GO Stingrays!

I have so done that "jumping up and running around like crazy before realizing that I did not have to" moment!

Your Girl's outing sounds like fun!!

Love ya,

Lu said...

Hey! You do what you gotta do and don't be pressed about posting. Do it when you can.

Brown English Muffin said...

I have yet to wake up on a saturday thinking it is a weekday...I'm the other way around...I wake up every week day praying it's saturday and lay there until I just can't pretend that it's not!!!!