Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend recap & Inspired to Inspire

Hey ya'll! It just dawned on me, that I haven't been much of an inspiration lately. Sorry. My intentions have been there...I guess I just haven't made it happen.

But today, I'm gonna start off with a little nugget of inspiration for ya. There's actually a reason behind today's quote...I'll explain in a minute.

"For the mother is and must be, whether she knows it or not, the greatest, strongest and most lasting teacher her children have."

Ok, I really like this quote. And the reason I chose it today is because it goes perfectly with my morning. Let's talk about it, shall we?

You may remember, last Monday, I started volunteering for one hour a week in Jayla's kindergarten class. Well, I went today and had a fun time with the kids. I got to work with a small group of 3 kids. We worked on a Columbus Day project. HOWEVER, (isn't there always a "however"?) There was this little girl working with me, and I'm sure she's a really sweet kid...HOWEVER, that chick kept sneezing and coughing on me!!! And she kept scooting her chair closer and closer to me. I don't mind her wanting to sit by me...but STOP freakin sneezing all over me!!! I told her several times to cover her mouth and/or turn her head. Shoot, even the other kids at the table were telling her the same thing. Finally, the teacher noticed that I was being immersed in snot & spit, so she told the girl to turn her head and go blow her nose. No WONDER they keep so many bottles of hand sanitizer around the classroom.

I said all this to is NOT the teachers job to teach a child proper manners. Things like common courtesy, saying "please"/"thank you" and HYGIENE should be taught at home....and reinforced at school. But that's just me!!

Anyway, after we were done with our little project, I doused myself with a few pumps of the ole hand, I was rubbing in on my arms like lotion, LOL. God FORBID I get a cold and give it to Jayla. That child would have a HISSY FIT if she missed a single day of school!!!

Alright, alright...enough about my morning. It was fun though. So, this weekend....Jayla had a game on Saturday, and as always...let's say they won, lol :-). Afterwards, we went home, took a little nap. Then headed over to the head coaches house for a little get together. The guys, which includes most of the big Stingrays, the 3 coaches and a few other parents went to play laser tag in the woods. Afterwards, they all came back to Coach's house for pizza, cookie cake, brownies and a bunch of other snacks. Everyone had a great time. And the food was YUMMY!!! Especially the Shrimp Bisque and home made salsa!

Sunday, we kinda slept we didn't make it to church. Ooops! Then around 3pm we had to leave for the Stingrays game. My goodness, they played at a field up in God's country...45 minutes away from our house but only 1 - 2 hours South of TN!!! Let's put it this way, we were NOT in a place that we wanted to be in after dark...if you know what I mean :-D. I had to potty so bad by the time we got up there...but I held it because there was NOTHING nearby that even looked like a public restroom. And I'm not too fond of peeing in the woods. So I sat like a nice little girl and cheered on our Stingrays from my chair :-). No sudden jump ups or anything. And yes, they won...they BETTER had after driving all the way to Eastbumblefart, GA (NOTE: not technically the name of the town...I don't think). Oh, the score was 8 - 3...YAY STINGRAYS!!! After the game, about 4 families caravaned outta there and headed back to civilization for dinner at TGIFridays.

Ok, well, there you have it. That's my weekend in a nutshell. Next weekend promises to be just as exciting. Both teams play on Saturday then the big Stingrays play again on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, in a town with more than one traffic light :-).

Have a groovy day. And remember, Be Inspired...I AM!!!


Kimberly said...

Sounds like ya'll had a good time. Hope you have an even better week.

Thomisia said...

Hope you don't end up with the cooties, lol.

Lynilu said...

First of all, I love the quote. Very true.

Next, you are right on about parents teaching kids basic manners, etc. Sad that so many just expect the rest of the world to do it. They miss such a wonderful bond.

Lastly, I know the area you are talking about, and I know exactly the discomfort you're talking about. It is a very spooky part of the country. I have a niece who lives just outside Nashville, and when I visited here, *I* was uncomfortable driving alone in the evening. She hates it there, but her hub's job took them to the area. It is a hate-filled place. ugh.

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh man....I loved your story about the soccer game in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, I know what youmean. We've played at some of those places. We just got word that Delaney's tournament has beenmoved this weekend, so we may be staying overnight this Saturday for a 2-day one.

LOVE that quote about motherhood!!!! So true!!!

Sherry said...

Really nice quote! As for the kids with the runny noses and sneezing all over the body -- usually someone else''s maddening. They need constant reminding at a certain age (and some never outgrow this!) to cover the mouth, wipe the nose, blow the nose...hope you don't come down with this kid's cold!
Big smile for me at the soccer game in the back of beyond...been there, done that...too many times! Glad they won though!

Susie Q said...

You are such a such a busy lady!

The quote is a great one and it is so true that many children are missing this teaching in their homes. AS a former pre school/Kindregarten teacher I know it all too well! *smile*

I am sad about you having to be somewhere like that...but so happy that precious Jayla (You are a doll dear girl!!) and her team did so well!

No matter what, YOU are always an inspiration to me!!


patti_cake said...

Glad the Stingrays won again!
I agree manners should be taught at home first and foremost.

I can't like one stoplight towns. Too narrow and narrow minded imho.