Monday, October 22, 2007

Inspired to INSPIRE....

Happy Monday everyone!

My goodness, where did my day go? I've been running like a crazy woman all morning. And here it is, almost 5pm already.

Backing up a few days, how bout a weekend recap? (Good idea!)
~Saturday, Jayla had a game and she scored one goal. Yay JAYLA!!! The big Stingrays had a game at noon and won 6 - 2! What a great game. They are doing so well. Oh, and guess what? The team that was undefeated and who was in the #1 position lost on Saturday (this is the team that beat us last Sunday 8 - 2). Honestly, I hate to hear when any team loses...but this put us in a good standing. Hope they continue to play this well as tournament is coming up in a few weeks.

~Saturday evening, we went over to some friends house for a get together. This is the friend who'd been asking to see Trae. She felt she'd make it up to us and invite us over for dinner :-). Oh my goodness, the food was SO YUMMY!!!

~Sunday, we heard a totally awesome sermon in church. The basic question was "How did I get here?" That's a question I often ask myself. I mean, I'm living a life that, in my early adult years, would be a life I didn't see myself living. I NEVER thought that I'd want to be a SAHM. But, here I am and I LOVE it. I NEVER thought that I'd be that mom that volunteers at my kids school. But, where did I find myself every Monday morning? Yep, volunteering in Jayla's class. And I LOVE it! When you think about it, the answer to "How did I get here", is very simple to answer. I don't really believe in "luck" or "coincidence". I'm at the point that I'm at in my life simply because this is where God wants me to be. I know that because everything is working out so perfectly. And due to my being imperfect...I KNOW it's nothing that I've done. Too cool, huh?

~Today, I worked at Jayla's school for a few hours. They were supposed to go on a field trip today to a local park. But it's raining and the trip was cancelled (for the 2nd time). So, I made lunch for me and Jayla and I stayed and ate lunch with her and her classmates. So fun!

Well, that brings me up to date :-). Practice has been cancelled tonight due to the rain. So I get to have a nice relaxing evening with Jayla (Daddy goes to a friends house on Monday nights to watch football). Oh, and speaking of rain...that brings me to todays words of inspiration. Enjoy.

I used to listen to the weather, but lately I don't seem to care.
Sunshine and rain no longer matter, except in the expression you wear.
When raindrops dare to dampen the sweet windows of your soul,
washing away your tender tears is my most important goal.
And when the sunshine reappears in your charming, disarming smile,
I know I'll save that warming image, in my eternal memory file.

Have a wonderful day, my friends. And continue to be inspired...


denaid said...

If you say it's 5 o'clock, then why does your post say it was posted at 4:29? :)

Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

Happy Monday! Have a great week.

Jude said...

i am asking myself the how did i get here question alot these days too... I mean, three kids? me??? LOL...

Lynilu said...

You're having rain, I had a touch of SNOW last night! Not real snow, but a little dusting, and it was really cold. Brrr.

patti_cake said...

I am looking forward to a little bit of rain this week.
I often wonder what my life holds in store for me, will I ever be a SAHM or at least part time. It's so hard to give up the money though but I wish I could spend more time with my baby sometimes.

Lynilu said...

Hey, Dawn, I might ... just MIGHT ... be able to work out a day in Atlanta on my trip!! No promise, but I'll keep you informed! Maybe lunch or a dinner????