Saturday, December 03, 2005

He's getting HUGE!!!

For those of you who follow my BLOG, you may remember an entry from the first part of October. Remember our new doggie, Trae? We'll he's HUGE now! But my goodness, he sure is a cutie. He's almost 15 weeks old now and he's pushing 25 lbs. He continues to torture the kids by chewing up all the toys they leave laying around. He has me and "daddy' wandering around the house looking like fools as we search for our "other" shoe (or sock). And we won't even discuss what the laundry room looks like after Trae spends a few hours in there serving time on "lock down" :-). What's so funny about this crazy canine, is he truly thinks he's a lap dog and loves to snuggle (I promise, I had NOTHING to do with this!!...hee hee) I have to admit though, he is a sweetheart. I can't imagine our home without him.