Thursday, December 08, 2005


Oh my goodness....Have I stumbled on a confection gold mine! Several months ago, I was watching Food Network and they were talking about some of the best bakeries in the country. Well, one of them was this place called LeVain Bakery in New York City. Let me tell you, they showed these HUMONGOUS cookies that they say weigh almost 1 lb. each. And they looked absolutely DEVINE! My interest had been peeked. Reason being, my dad lives in New York. So the next day, I check them out on the internet ( and I write down the address. So, I sent my dad an email asking if he's ever heard of the place. He hadn't but knew exactly where it was. Anyway, to make a long story short, he goes to the bakery, buys me a box of cookies SOMEthing happened and he wasn't able to send them...could be because he ATE them!. So he tries again. And a friend of ours was supposed to deliver them to me personally for my birthday last month. SOMEthing else happened and she wasn't able to come (we're thinking she may have been over the weight limit to fly here because she ate MY cookies :-) (Love ya Gwen). FINALLY, today, I get myUPS package with my cookies. Oh MY...they are wonderful!!! And they are MASSIVE. The picture above doesn't do it any justice. This is about 3/4 of one of the cookies and they are literally as big around as a softball and about 1 inch thick! This particular one is the Chocolate Chip Walnut. Ya'll, the box they came in weighed in at 6 lbs!!! If you EVER get the chance...TRY THESE!!! It is SOOO worth it. Thanks Dad!!!

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