Saturday, December 24, 2005

YES! We're there yet...(finally)

Alrighty now, we made it safely to Mobile. And in record time I might add. I forgot to mention that my husband has not been to Mobile in a little over 2 years...all because of the drive. Thank GOD, he and I weren't together back in the 70's & early 80's when the ride use to take over 6 hours (thank heavens for highway 65!) To us, Mobile is one of those places you HAVE to drive to because it would take longer to drive to the airport from our house than it would to fly. I think the flight is, what, 35-45 minutes or something. Anyway, back to this trip. We made it to my moms house just in time to go to know, it's ONLY open 26 hours! And in time for a big ole pot of chili. THAT, my friend, is the benefit of suffering through that long drive... the food. Have mercy!! My mom and Peter sure can cook!!! And I hear there's more to come over the next couple of days.. Stay tuned.

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