Friday, December 16, 2005

We are DONE!! (Christmas shopping that is)

Woooo Hooooo....We are done with our kids Christmas shopping. Today, me and my dear husband spent the day together shopping for the kids. First we dropped Jayla off at a friends house to play. Next, we went to IHOP for a nice pancake breakfast. Then off to Toys R Us we went! We had so much fun together. I get to see a totally different side of my husband when he's in a toy store. We start off our shopping quest looking for things together. We quickly come to realize that we should've gotten two shopping carts :-). Somewhere around the isles of Barbie stuff and the remote control cars, we split up. Weird! It happens every year. I get to pick out the "girly" stuff for Jayla and he gets to pick out the "manly" stuff for Markell. For a minute there, I thought we'd need a 3rd cart. But we held out and even met up at the cashier at the same time. We finished our shopping in record time, even after stopping by Target for a couple more things. Then we headed home to drop off the goods before I went to pick Jayla up and Markell got home. We are GOOD...we got all the kids shopping done and hid it in the basement...all while "under the radar" (they had no idea what we were doing today). Now I've got to figure out when I'm gonna wrap all this stuff.

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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad you got it all done!!!! Have fun wrapping gifts! That's my FAVORITE part!