Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Family Room - Finally COMPLETE

Guess what? Guess what? My chair is finally here!!! We were told that it wouldn't even be in the warehouse until 4/7 and they scheduled our delivery for 4/11. Well, they called us on 3/27 and said it would be delivered on 3/28. Being that I wasn't gonna be at home all day, my DH suggested I call to reschedule it for today. No biggie, they've been giving US the run around all this time, they can wait one more day to deliver when it's convenient for us, right?

Well, it came today at 11:30am! It's so pretty and the room now looks complete. Like I said, I won't post pictures this time. But I just had to share that it's FINALLY here!!! Yay!!!

Hmmm, what other rooms need furnishing??? :-)


Adrienne said...

Well its ABOUT time! Enjoy your new stuff!

denaid said...

*gasp* NO PICTURES? What's a blog without pictures? I'm very disappointed in you.



No pictures...


ClassC Scrapper said...

AWW, come on, Dawn, you have to post pics!!! I wanna see!!! pretyy please?????