Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh, one more thing...

Below, I mentioned that we just received "some" of our new furniture. But I didn't tell you what happened prior to our delivery today.

You may have read that our kids soccer seasons are now in full swing. Today, they both had games. Markell played this morning and Jayla played this afternoon at 1pm. The furniture company called me yesterday and said that our delivery time would be between 3pm & 6pm. PERFECT! We'd be finished with all soccer activities by then, right? WRONG!!!
Well, I get a phone call at 1:30pm, right in the middle of Jayla's game, stating that the furniture would be delivered to our house within 30 minutes. Ok, that's not such a bad thing...they're coming earlier instead of later.
HOWEVER...we're still in the middle of my baby's game.
Coach Daddy and I just so happened to drive separately today so it wouldn't be a problem if one of us left to go meet the delivery.
Ok, we picked me! I would leave early. I didn't think it would be a big deal. But my 4 year old thought otherwise. Boy, little girls sure do know how to pull at your heartstrings.
I proceed to tell Jayla that mommy has to leave a little early to wait on our furniture delivery, and I'd have to miss some of her game. She gets this REALLY sad look on her face, almost to the point of tears and says to me, "But mommy, I don't want you to leave!"
I tell her that I'll only miss a few minutes of her game then she will be coming home with daddy.
She then says, 'But who's gonna clap for me and yell and say, 'GO Jayla!! GO! GO! GO!?"
Oh my goodness... Talk about feeling like I wanted to crawl under a rock! So there I am, standing on the soccer field...CRYING!!
Daddy then stepped in and said that he'd yell and cheer for her. Still pouting, she says "Ok".
So as I'm walking to the car, she yells, "Mommy! I'm gonna score one more goal for you!"
Sorry for the long story, but I had to share. Oh how I love that little girl. What a sweetie!!!
"GO Jayla!!!"


Briyanna said...

Awww... Mama
I feel her, I used to love hearing you yell in the stands for me when I was a cheerleader and when I got promoted in ROTC and Beta Club... I feel her. Love you

denaid said...

Awww! You made me tear up. lol I'm just as bad as you are when it comes to crying.

Oh and Briyanna remembering what that felt like too...

booo hoooo hooo hoooo!

I can't read your site anymore. I'm sorry, I have to go now.

think happy thoughts... think happy thoughts

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Awww, and Briyanna commented too....

must. grab. tissue. now

Renee said...

How sweet. Tell her you will yell extra loud next game.

Tangee said...

Aww, sweetie, that is a heartbreaker, but you are a terrific Mommy.

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh wow....what a tear I really have that to look forward to!!

Wow...I know you went home with a mean look on your face for those furniture delivery guys.

I was so scared that the end of your post was going to say that they didn't end up showing up for another hour or so...I would have been furious then.