Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Georgia Aquarium Field Trip - Part 2

Good morning everyone out there in BLOGGERland. Ok, now I have a little more time to post the rest of the Aquarium pix I took yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed the ones I've already posted. Even though my friend, who will remain nameless (DIANE!) stole my thunder by saying these pix look the ones on HER blog! THANKS!!!! And here I thought I was being as original as possible :-).

Anyway, sit back and relax and enjoy some more of OUR trip to the aquarium :-).

The "tunnel".

Tiger Shark.

This is "Ray" :-).

Markell the handsome one (and some pretty yellow fishies) :-)

The scuba diving tank cleaners. Aren't there some glass sucking fish that can clean that glass?

Isn't this pretty? Not sure what we're looking at here. I just thought it was pretty.

This is my FAVORITE picture! Not sure how I managed to get such a perfect photo of a Jellyfish without people in the way. I love this!!

This has got to be the biggest turtle I've ever seen. Other than the one on Finding Nemo of course :).

Speaking of Nemo!!! Here's my little cutie, Jayla, in front of the Nemo display.

Well, there you have it. Thank you for taking time to "tour" the Georgia Aquarium with me. And for those of you who've never been to Georgia, be sure you try to visit our hottest new attraction.

Enjoy your day!!!


Adrienne said...

GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the jelly fish one!!!!

denaid said...

That's not NEMO. That's DEEPO!

Geesh. Didn't you learn ANYTHING while you were there???

denaid said...

BTW, that handsome boy and beautiful girl are not in MY pictures. ;)