Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I been shoppin!

Ok, for those that know me, the fact that I've been shopping really isn't a surprise. But the thing that made this trip so exciting to me was that (this time) I went to JoAnns with coupon in hand and knowing exactly what I wanted. AND, I actually found things that I could use in the clearance bin. I love CLEARANCE...whoever he is :-).

Here are my goods. I found some cute little sparkly pink letters...that are adhesive...for only $3. Some little alphabet letters...PURPLE no less for $4. And some primary colored mini frames (I forgot to add them to my picture) for only $3. I paid full price, which still wasn't bad, for some flowers (JoAnn's has their own line of flowers now and they are SOOOO cute). I am SOOO loving flowers lately. I also found the MM chipboard letters I was looking for. And last but not least, I couldn't leave the store without getting SOMETHING by Heidi Swapp. The "girl" index tabs I got are too fun.

Anyway, I know this isn't an exciting post for those that don't scrapbook. But for those who do, I'm sure you understand my joy :-). Alrighty, gotta go play now...I'm inspired...are YOU???


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

TOO FUNNY! I have a TON of those chipboard letters!! I wish I would have known you needed some! LOL

ClassC Scrapper said...

Hi, Dawn, love what you got!!!! Isn't it great to find things on clearance!!!