Friday, March 31, 2006

Time to get dressed...

Alright you silly people, what were you thinking this post was gonna be about? Of COURSE it's about my doggie, Trae :-).

Yesterday, Trae goes into the laundry room, finds a t-shirt that belongs to Markell and starts playing with it. Fortunately, this shirt is (was) too small for Markell and probably should've been thrown/given away by now. Anyway, Trae starts playing with the shirt and somehow, gets it wrapped around his head. So me, being the thoughtful person that I am, decide to help out a bit and put the shirt ON him :-). Then it comes to me..."how fun would it be to put his arms through the sleeves?" And..."Would it really hurt THAT bad when he bites me for trying?" Hmmm, what to do??? Ok, so I went with my gut....and put the shirt on him...THEN grabbed the camera :-). Now, have you ever seen a 51 pound PUPPY try to take off a t-shirt? Probably not, because MOST 51 pound puppies don't even wear t-shirts (go figure!) But I will say that I'm amazed that he didn't get dizzy from all the spinning around...hee hee!!

Ok, enough talk about the Kodak moment, take a look at how cute he looked:

Sorry for the blurry picture...I had to back up rather quickly when he was about to jump up for a closer look at the camera :-).

What a funny boy!!

Ok, I finally took it off of him. Doesn't he look DISGUSTED with me? Soon after this picture was taken, he actually chewed up the shirt...almost to shreds and I had to wind up throwing it away. I think he did that so I wouldn't try and put it back on him :-). What do you think?


denaid said...

LOL too cute and too funny. I don't think I've ever seen a dog try so hard to get a shirt off. Ginger and Dixie let me dress them up. I'll have to post pictures of her in her stylin' doggie coat from Old Navy.

He's going to tinkle in your shoes when you least expect it. :)

Adrienne said...


Briyanna said...

Why must you do the baby like that mom? Well, I do have to admit... It was funny. My dog hates his clothes too. LOL