Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

Hey ya'll!!

Wow, it's Friday again already.

I think I say that every week :-).

Well, once again, I've had a pretty busy week. Ripping and running here and there all while trying to get the studio completed.

Monday, I just ran a few errands and spent the rest of the day painting.

Tuesday, morning I had to take my MIL for a physical then I had my eye doctors appt that afternoon. Good news is, I'm not blind :-). And the other good news is, my glasses prescription didn't need to be changed that much - changed for the better actually. So in about a week or so, I'll get to show you the new specs I got. And the OTHER good news is, I left there only spending $40! My glasses were free! All I had to pay was my $15 co-pay and I paid for a special type of lens that won't chip - due to my glasses being semi-rimless. $40 well spent if you ask me.

Wednesday, I skipped my weekly Girls Night so that I could finish up my painting. ONLY to run out of paint with about 4 feet by 2 feet of wall left to go. ARGH!!! Talk about frustrating!!! And being that I'm out out of money, who knows when I'll be able to get more paint to finish up? But I will say that the room is GORGEOUS!!! I just LOVE the color that I chose. It's called Garden Paradise. Can't wait to show you. As upset as I was to have run out of paint, which put me at an awkward stopping point. I was equally as excited to be able to play with Jayla in the snow. So I got over my disappointment pretty quickly. Kids have a way of taking you away from yourself sometimes and helping you see what's REALLY important.

And yesterday, mom and I had follow up doctors appointments. Other than that, I didn't do much. I did do a little trim touch up in the studio. Doggonit, I'm gonna do SOMETHING in there everyday until it's done.

ANYWAY...we don't have anything planned for the weekend. So hopefully the hubby will fill sorry for me and give up a few more bucks for paint. That way, I will be out of his hair whining because I'm so ready to get the room done :-). We'll see. What have you guys got planned? Anything fun and exciting?

Oh shoot, I almost forgot to post the Flower Fix. Here ya go...

As always, I have NO clue what kind of flower this is. But I sure do think it's pretty :-).

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Whatever you have planned (or unplanned), please have fun, be safe and be INSPIRED...I am!!


Patti said...

Happy Friday Dawn! Beautiful flowers (as always). I hope you get the room finished, i'm dying to see the color!

Kimberly said...

Can't wait to see the finished it is great. Not much going on here..except for tonite is date nite! Hope you have a great weekend.

camport said...

love the page you submitted @ unPubbed. Your link worked! I really like the whole prgression of time thing...goes way too fast!


Gretchen said...

The flowers look like some type of iris to me. Beautiful.

Go give Marque those puppydog eyes. The paint should be yours any minute. :)

Can't wait to see the new studio! Congrats!

Lynilu said...

I'm betting that you're already batting your eyes at Marque and snuggling up to him like a totally brazen hussy in order to get paint enough to finish! LOL!!

And here's a warning ... unplanned weekends tend to turn into the busiest of all!! Jus' sayin'!!

Jude said...

Can;t wait to see the finished paint job! I think the flower may be an iris??? It looks like some that are in my mom's yard. :)

jacki j. said...

I think it's an orchid. I've got something purple for you. If all goes well this coming week ( not more snow and no sick kids) I'm coming to your house ok?