Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taking care of me...

Happy Sunday all!

I know you're shocked that I'm posting within 48 hours of my last post. Well, I like to keep ya'll on your toes :-).

I was over visiting this blog the other day. And she had these 3 really fun questions posted. I'm thinking I was having minor withdrawal symptoms, as Cheryl and Susie hadn't posted a questionnaire recently :-). So I guess I was kinda searching for some questions to answer.

Isn't that sad? I'm like a druggie looking for a fix, LOL. goes. And don't worry, there's only 3 questions.

1. What do you splurge on to pamper yourself? Well, I don't think I've been "pampered" since the mid to late 60's :-D. But considering what the term means THESE days...I'd have to say, getting my hair done. Back when I was gainfully employed and actually receiving a paycheck (with my very own name on it). I had a standing hair appointment every other Thursday. It was so nice to be able to walk in the salon, without an appt and get my doo done. However, things are a little different nowadays. I'm lucky if I get to the salon every 6 to 10 weeks!!! (YES, I wash my own hair between salon visits...sheesh!) There's nothing like having your skull massaged by someone with long, acrylic nail tips, LOL!!

2. What no-cost way do you pamper yourself? No-cost? Now THAT's what I'm talkin bout!!! I absolutely LOVE taking SCOLDING hot showers. Yeah, baby...I'm talkin so hot, you come out looking like a clawed sea creature laying on a plate next to a cup of melted butter! LOL Oh, and I do love a nice nap every now and again.

3. What new way will you pamper yourself this year? Ok, remember my #1 answer? Well, I'd LOVE to be able to get back into the "financial" habit of getting my hair done. I'm not much of a day spa/massage kinda person. So getting my scalp massaged is about the extent of if for me. Another thing that's pretty *pampering", is having ME money. No explanation necessary, I don't think :-).


Kimberly said...

Love your questions. I guess my answers who be 1. I scrapbook and love paper. I get whatever I think is cute. 2. I would have to agree with u on the bath thing. I love a long, hot bath. And some nappy time too. 3. Ummm...I think I will try to have more time for myself and my husband. Keep those home fires burning ya know! LOL! But It can be a challenge with three kiddos. Have a great week!

Patti said...

All I want is a pedi every month. Is that too much to ask?

Gretchen said...

I'm with you on that scalp massage thang...My hairdresser gives the best shampoo ever.

Fabric, coffees, and eating out are my splurges. I love massages and mani/pedi/facials, too, but they're expensive. If I was earning an income, I'd go to the salon every month instead of every 3.

A no-cost way to pamper. Yeah, a bath is always welcome, as is a trip to the library, complete with TIME to read. :)

blessedme said...

I LOVE your answers...girl hot showers or baths are the BOMB! Yes, I've reverted to my high school slang. I like the way you think!

Jude said...

You know I would do your hair for you if you lived closer! :) I am a fan of the scalding shower myself... the redder my skin, the better! :)

Renee said...

My pampering is a massage. Need to get one soon.

Lynilu said...

Well ..... There are many things I do that make me happy, and I've never thought of them as "pampering," but honestly, I pamper myself daily because I do what I want to do. Period. There were so many years that I did things for other people, placing myself second, third, eighth on the list, that I enjoy being able to put myself first.

#2 - I'd have a spa day every month if I could. Pedicure, manicure, massage, the works. Ahhhhhhh. But I can't afford that. :'(

#3 - I have no idea, but since I'm into myself these days, always open to and looking for new experiences, the sky is the limit. Stay tuned!!

Susie Q said...

I know, I know!! I have not done a list on ages!! What is wrong with me!

I too love hot showers...long showers...long, hot showers.

I would so love a pedicure each month. I SOOO need one. I can do it myself but a pro one just is sooooo good.
Oh and to have a scalp massage...oooohhhh....I love to have my head rubbed/ is so relaxing to me.
Hmm...I think I will make an appointment for a hair cut tomorrow!! I can do that at least right?

Now, I need to do a list...hmmm....

Love and hugs,

Cheryl Wray said...

These are some GREAT questions!! My #2 answer would absolutely be taking HOT bubble baths!!! i take one every day!!! it's my little luxury for myself!

And, okay? I get the hint. I'll come up with a questionnaire very soon!! LOL