Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Her dreams came true...albeit close to a month late

...Yep, that's right, Jayla's dreams of a white Christmas finally came true...TODAY! :-)

Well you guessed's SNOWING!!! It started today around 4:30pm. Jayla looked out the window and saw the flurries coming down, and she just about stroked out on me. "'s really SNOWING!!!" she screamed. Then she noticed my friend, Stacey's kids running around in the yard. So of course SHE wanted to go out too...Stacey lives 3 doors down from us.

You know, I'm a sucker for any "Kodak moment". So we went on out. The girl could hardly get her shoes on the right foot :-).

Well, here are a few pix from our belated white...uh, Christmas.

This was the first time we went out, which was close to 5pm. You can barely see the little snow flurries. And *standing* there was about all there was to do at this point.

Trae even joined Jayla as she ran through the "snow".

Here's a picture I took from my studio window. This was around 5:45pm.

Ok, now the cold white stuff is starting to stick to the ground. Jayla BEGGED to go back outside and try to make her very first snowball. I told her I didn't think it was sticky enough for snowballs. But we could go out and try it.
Here she is trying to scoop up enough snow to prove me wrong.....

Well, wouldja lookie there! It's a big ole snowball! Check out the smile on her face...can you tell she's a little excited?
And doesn't every child have to try and catch a snowflake on their tongue? I love this picture.

Ok, that's about all the Ga weather I have to show you for today. I'm just hoping that it doesn't get icey and they have to close the schools. The county we live in will close the schools at the drop of a dime if they see so much as an ice cube on the ground. So hopefully, it doesn't get too bad over night.

Before I go, I have 2 more pix I wanna share. I've mentioned before, I think, how Jayla loves to play dress up and have pretend play. When she gets home after school, she actually reads to her dolls and stuffed cute. But on this day, I guess she didn't feel like reading. Check this out...
I think this is hilarious! Here are Jayla's "kids" watching Noggin on TV, LOL. Then, today, while she was at school, I saw this...
This is her "daughter", Anna, watching a *movie*. But that's not the funny part to me. The funny part is, Jayla wanted Anna to recline and be comfy. So she propped her up in front of the a DUMPTRUCK! LOL

I love it!
Ok, really...that's it for tonight. You guys have a great evening. Continue to BE INSPIRED!!!


Adrienne said...

I wish we would have gotten that much ! lol

Susie Q said...

Wow! I had no idea you got snow! Grace keeps wishing we would get some luck yet!

Those pictures are priceless! And oh gosh do you live in a beautiful neighborhood!!! Wow! I love it!

Jayla looks so happy...I am so glad! It made me smile!

Hey Dawn? I never did get back to you about that video you sent. Thank you for it. Yes, it made me cry but that is okay! It was beautiful. I also was able to feel so grateful that my nephew IS in a special school that is helping him. So many others have to wait for so long. You are just a precious friend dear Dawn.


Cheryl Wray said...

I am SO jealous!!!! We got some flurries--and a lot of sleet--but that was all!!!! Delaney would have been SO excited; she prays for snow every year and we never get it!!!
We are going to Tennessee this weekend, so I guess we could have a chance of seeing it up there!!
I thought about blogging today about how crazy everyone in Alabama gets when there's even a mention of snow (or freezing rain). People go crazy!!

And, I LOVE the pictures!!!!!

Patti said...

I wish ours would have stuck but at least I saw some flurries...*sigh*
Glad your little one was so excited. MIne has never saw it yet!

Lynilu said...

I love these stories (here and other Mom-blogs) about how the kids occupy themselves in play. She is creative, and I love how she makes playmates and companions with her inanimate family members!

How fun that you got enough snow to make a snowball! My daughter's family in FL never gets it, so they drive to the other grandparents' home in MO for the snow experiences!

Gretchen said...

HI-larious re: the noggin and the reclining baby! Let's just hope my kids don't have to resort to putting me in a dumptruck someday when I want to relax. :) Too cute. Glad she got some snow time, too.

Leah said...

Great snow pics! We got some flurries, but nothing stuck to the ground!

Renee said...

Ross and Lauren had an absolute ball out last night. Glad to see Jayla did too. Did you put that snowball in the freezer? We did.