Monday, January 07, 2008

Prayer works wonders & Inspiration

Happy Monday all! (you may wanna sit down, this is gonna be lengthy *smile*)

Before I go any further with this post, I'd like to ask everyone to stop for a second and pray. Pray for all of those who are sick, just not feeling well, going through some sort of valley/struggles/temptations, or WHATEVER!!! As Christians/Believers, we don't have to know exactly what someone is going through. Only that they have a burden that requires our intervention of prayer. We may not always be able to physically do something for someone else. But prayer works WONDERS! Therefore, that's the least we can do.
Specifically, I ask you to continue to pray for my MIL. She came home from the hospital on Saturday and is doing much, much better. She will still have to go see a cardiologist to follow up with the hospital visit. But we're pretty sure, things will be fine. Secondly, please say a quick prayer for Adrienne. Most of you know her and have probably read her blog today. If not, check it out and let's keep her lifted up. Lastly, pray for me. Pray that I make it through another day with Jayla at home :-), lol. She goes back to school tomorrow and she can't WAIT!!! As I've told you before, she absolutely LOVES school and isn't too happy of a camper when she's not there. Therefore, she's worrying me to death about when she's going back. (Note: I realize this last prayer request is probably a little misplaced, considering the seriousness of the ones it follows. But I thought I'd try and lighten the mood a bit.)
~, back to my original post. I recently read a post by Leah, where she listed 10 of her most favorite scrapbook layouts of 2007. I actually thought about doing the same thing. However, I realized that I'd be hardpressed to find TEN that I even completed last year :-). Then, last night, I was reading Cheryl's blog...and she went and did the same thing (she's been reading Leah's blog too, lol) So now you know what that means...the pressure is ON! Well, I'm feeling it anyway. So last night I went through all my LO's and I did in fact find 10 that I could say were my favs...or at the very least, some I really liked and could stand to see again in a public forum such as this, lol.
Alrighty, in no particular are 10 of my favs from 2007. WARNING: there may be a little bit of a Jayla overload here, LOL. Remember, she is the last one still at home. So I just work with what I have, TEE HEE. Hope you enjoy.

This is a LO I did of me and my hubby. I actually saw the idea of the holes on another LO somewhere and thought it would be beautiful with colored paper behind it. Then I thought of the song, "Color my world" by Chicago and I knew it would all work perfectly with the B&W photos.

Not too much to say about this one. As the title says it all...BEAUTIFUL!!! I simply LOVE these pics if Jayla. Such a sweet & innocent face. LOVE it!

Here is a LO I did for my friend and fellow blogger, Veroncia. Her daughter, Ava was another beautiful subject to work with. V and I swapped photos and these are of her daughters dance recital.

It's not often I get to do a LO of my DH. Probably because he doesn't like taking pictures :-). But this one, I LOVE of him. And being that purple is my favorite color, finding the perfect papers to use was bunches of fun. I love how it turned out.Yet another rarity...a photo of me and my dad. This is the LO I did for my dad for Fathers Day last year. I think I saw a tear in his eye when he saw it. I sure hope it was because he liked it :-).

Oh's my Jayla, jumping around like a crazy girl :-), lol. This LO was SOOO fun to do. I stepped out on a limb doing this one. I love color and using more than one patterned paper. But I don't like "busy". I think my mission was accomplished on this one. I just love it and I'm thrilled that I "took the chance".
This is the LO I did as sort of a tribute to Markell. I was SOOO sad when he left over the summer. I miss him so much. So this LO was kinda theraputic for me. I love how this one turned out. He's so handsome :-).
Here's my MOMMA!!! lol. I was really nervous doing this LO. My mother doesn't like having her picture taken. And she REALLY doesn't like this one. But I LOVE it. I'm proud that my mom was a JET magazine Beauty. I gave this to her for Mothers Day last year.
There she is again, lol. It's Fiesty Fairy. Ok, how cute is this little girl? I LOVE the colors in this LO and the mix of papers really work well with the least I think so. :-)

Now here's a fun LO of me and my hubby. I really love these pictures of us. And as much as I thought we didn't "match" this evening. I do think we complimented eachother well. Therefore, it made the choice of colors & papers come together well. The balance of the B&W helps, I think.

Okie dokie, that's my long post for the day :-). I hope you enjoyed the pictures. And for those of you who feel "led" to do this same type of post, I'd love to see your work.

Ya'll have a great day...I'm off to try and entertain my 6 year old, LOL.


jacki j. said...

What a talented scrapper you are!! I love the one with your dad, and the one you did of your hubby... I love them all!! It's good to know that your mil is better. I have a prayer list on my blog, email me if you ever want to add to it, ok?

Patti said...

You did a WONDERFUL job Dawn! I didn't know your Momma was JET beauty! I'm impressed!

Jude said...

I think the one of Jayla with the greens and purple is m,y fav... Love those pictures, and then the one of your Mom, that is just a ool photo!! Still praying for your MIL and of course my gal Adrienne!

Gretchen said...

You have an amazing talent for scrapbooking, Dawn. Love the los.
I think I like "Jet Beauty", and the green/purple one with Jayla best, but then again the last one with your hubby is so cute...
And..praying for those listed. Thanks for the request.

TanishaRenee said...

Great choices Dawn! I love the curves on the one titled "Jump" and the green and purple on "Beautiful really caught my eye...I need to try that color combo myself!

Hope everything is on the up and up with your MIL!

DMB said...

Wow. Your mom was JET beauty??!! My mouth is open! How cool is that???

(Oh, and thank you for reminding me to be more grateful and pray for those who need it right now.)

Leah said...

Love all your layouts! I don't remember seeing the color my world one before..such a cool idea!

Mama P said...

You're mom was a Jet Magazine beauty? I looove that.

Thanks for visiting me again. I followed the Markell story a while back. I was so sad for you.

Are you doing better? Do you see him? I will check back later through your older posts and not be so lazy.

Your layouts are fantastic. Beautiful family - all of you. WOW.

Oh, and I adore that you and your hubby still have time for romance. It's less common than many, and something we all strive for.

Lynilu said...

I thought I left you a comment on this, but it doesn't show up! Hmmm.

Anyway, what i said was that I'd be keeping your MIL in my prayers, and what a great job you do with the scrap booking! You and your family will have wonderful memories for a long, long time. Just think what a wonderful "history book" Jayla and Bryianna will have one day!! Amazing.

gold said...

Beautiful layouts!!gyevxfi

blessedme said...

I love your TOP 10! I didn't know about Adrienne, I'm so out of the loop on things, but slowly getting back into things. Started Weight Watchers this week with hubby, so far, so good. I haven't come up with a name yet. *sigh*. And yes, please do answer the questions!!!