Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's here.....

My goodness, it has been SO long since I talked to ya'll. I mean, like it was LAST year, even! :-)

So, how did you guys bring in the new year?

Did you do anything fun and exciting? Anything you wouldn't DARE share with anyone other than your close and personal blogland friends? lol

Well, we didn't do too much around here. I had a headache for most of the day on New Years Eve...even brought in 2008 with one. I think it's time to go and have my eyes checked. It's been 2 years since I've been and I think my glasses aren't working for me anymore. So ya'll might be seeing me in some new specks in the not too distant future. I'm having a hard time deciding on what type of frames I want this time though. I've had the trendy black frames and I'm now wearing the frameless kind. These have turned out to be more of a hassle than I thought. So, I'm not sure what I'll switch to. Any suggestions?

Speaking of New Years Eve...we let Jayla stay up til midnight last night/this morning. I made sure she took a nap yesterday so that she could stay up :-). And the ole girl hung in there. She was convinced that she was gonna be up until the sun came up today, lol. Poor thing, she has NO concept of time. She couldn't fathom that it'll actually be "tomorrow", but still dark outside. We were watching those New Years Eve party shows on TV and she kept asking why that "big ole Peachy thingy" was sliding down that ladder :-). But she figured out when me and her daddy started counting...10, 9, 8, 7....that it was leading to something "exciting". So she joined in the count with us. She was so excited to see the 2008 flash up on the screen! The girl slept in until 9am this morning :-). Hmmm, we should let her stay up that late more often :-D.

This morning I got up and fixed a big batch of 20+ pancakes for everyone. Yummy!!!

Alright, some of you may be wondering if I'm gonna share this fabulous list of my 2008 resolutions. Well, NO, I'm not! I learned many moons ago not to make New Years Resolutions. Reason being, I forget stuff so quickly, lol. I swear, my short term memory is terrible!!! So it's best not to make them and just pray that I live better/healthier and make better choices every year. All the other accomplishments are just icing on the cake.

Welp, other than wishing you all a Happy New Year again, I don't have much more to chat about at the moment. I just wish you all well and I hope and pray that you ALL have an awesome 2008 and that you continue to Be Inspired...I still am. Love ya'll!!!


Veroncia said...

Happy New Year my friend. We were all asleep long before midnight here. Big ups to J for hanging in there. She is a better woman than me.

I only have one resolution, and it has to do with you. That's finish your swap LOs by the end of the month...LOL

Gretchen said...

We had some lovely friends over, so I was with you, standing over a pancake griddle this a.m. :) We all watched the ball drop with Dick Clark, and then the kids banged pots in our street. For the first time, my resolutions don't begin with "lose xx pounds", not because I don't need to do so, but because I'm hoping my overall plan of not beating myself up over small things will entice me to treat myself better overall. :) Was that a run on sentence or what!?! Wishing you scrap-filled days and Dr. Pepper nights in 2008, or maybe I should say, Dr Pepper Days and scrapping nights since the caffeine will likely keep you up.

Adrienne said...

LOL Happy New Year!!!!!!!! Let that baby stay up more often! LOL

Lynilu said...

I spent the evening having dinner with friends, home by 10:30, and ... I hate to admit it, but by 11:15 I couldn't hold my eyes open!! Dayumm, I must be getting old! LOL!

Happy New Year, dear Dawn!

Patti said...

Happy New Year Dawn!

I can't seem to get your link right on my blog but i'm working on it!
Glad you had a nice NYE and Jayla enjoyed staying up to watch the ball drop!

DMB said...

Happy New Year!!!

Jude said...

Sorry about the headache... but I love that Jayla made it until midnight! So cute!! I think you shouldget some cool tortoise shell type frames, in a funky half moon shape or a trendy thick shape. Can't wait to see what you pick!

Cheryl Wray said...

Happy New Year Dawn!!!!

I love that Jayla!!! I'm still figuring out a way for all of us to meet...especially J and Scout, tee hee!!...some things have come up but soon... (I'll email you!!)

Cheryl Wray said...

Happy New Year Dawn!!!!

I love that Jayla!!! I'm still figuring out a way for all of us to meet...especially J and Scout, tee hee!!...some things have come up but soon... (I'll email you!!)

Brown English Muffin said...

Ahhh this was such a sweet post. Even Baby C stayed up until 1:00 then when we got in the care to go home she was out like a light by 1:05!