Friday, January 13, 2006

10 Things I Like About ME.....

Alright Adrienne, you know I don't like to be challenged :-). But this was one I couldn't pass up. Not that I enjoy talking about myself. Because those that know me, KNOW that isn't the case. But it is something that I've had to learn to do. As I am my HARDEST critic. Even my old boss use to tell me that at review time...I don't give myself enough credit. Okie dokie then, let's see what I can come up with:

10. I'm a child of God! (It was hard enough to be a child of Julius & Sheila. But I've always known where I stand with them. And I know they love me the way I am...just as God does)

9. I'm very creative. Somehow, I'm almost always able to make something out of nothing. This is what makes the hobby of scrapbooking so perfect for me.

8. I'm a good mom (even though I sometimes question that at times. It's the hardest job I've ever LOVED)

7. I'm a good wife ( I should be, I've been one for 17 years now. Not to mention, I'm actually pretty submissive...really, I am :-})

6. I'm very a very caring, empathetic, compassionate & emotional person. I tend to care more about others feelings than my own. (NOTE: I have to be careful with this one as it can & has backfired on me)

5. I think I'm pretty funny/humorous. I LOVE to laugh, make others happy/laugh and have a good time.

4. I'm a GREAT friend!!

3. I make BEAUTIFUL children! :-)

2. I'm a good hostess (I love having company and entertaining)

1. I'm a great lover. Passion & romance are very important to me.

Oh well, there you have it. This was a slightly difficult challenge. However, even though I didn't list them, I was able to think of a few more things I like about myself too. That is quite an accomplishment for me (again, those of you that know me will probably agree). This was fun! Thanks, A!