Monday, January 16, 2006

TELL me it ain't so....

Ok, I admit it...I'm a mess! And a clutz I might add.
You may remember back on November 5th, I stepped in a hole at the soccer field and broke my right ankle.

Remember that?

Well, I'm back to 100% now. Ok, 75%.

At my follow up appt, I was told I had to go to therapy. Once going to therapy, they told me that I'd probably have to go for about 20 sessions (2 per week at $20 per session). Yeah, Right!!! I started going and.....then I stopped (after 5 visits) :-).

Ok wait, in my own defense, there was NOTHING they were having me do that I couldn't do at home. I even paid $5 for one of those stretchy things so I could do my stretching exercises at home correctly.

Anyhoo, back to today. I'm in the basement cleaning up because we're about to have it remodeled. And as I was trying to get past the MOUNTAIN of trash we have accumulated, I kicked the side of the bottom step. OOOOOUUUUCH!!! I did SO well not to say the words that actually came to mind. Oh, and here's the pun intended. It was my right foot...Yes, AGAIN!!!. So NOW, I have a purple swollen toe. Once again, I am limping!!! Tell me it ain't so!!! I tell ya, I can't catch a break...UGH, another bad choice of words.

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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

OH MY!!!! Back to one shoe again??? Get better before I GET THERE!!!!