Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's HERE!!

9:00am, the door bell rings...
As I'm trying to keep from waking Jayla up, I'm thinking to myself, "this had better be important!"
It was!!!
As I get to the door, I see the FedEx lady running across our yard back to her truck. Immediately, I knew what it was,
My new printer is HERE!!!
Yippy!! I'm back in business.
I was gonna try and hook it up by myself, but my husband reminded me that our printers are connected to our network. ARGH!!!
Ok, I can wait (simply because he's coming home early today)
Welp, I'm all set now. And not a moment too soon. Tonight is my scrapbooking night. So now I get to print whatever I need to take with me tonight.
Oh the joys of color printing :-).