Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to 2006!

Happy New Year to all my fans! (I've always wanted to say that). You and I both know I don't have any "fans". I simply have occasional readers. Well, whoever you are....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And thank you for taking time to peek in on my life. I can't believe that another year is behind us. And I don't know about you, but I'm actually ready for the change and for the newness of the year. 2005 was a pretty rough year for my family. So I'm kinda glad to see it go.

I'm not one to make resolutions, as I can never stick to them. But I will put forth an effort to:
1. Make better choices with regards to how I spend my time.
2. Try to enjoy cooking so that I can make better and "different" meals for my family.
3. Try not to fuss at the kids so much.
4. Try and do a few more things for "me". Not to neglect my family, but do more "Dawn" things.
5. Get back to scrapbooking everyday.
6. Start and finish the projects around the house that need to be done. #1 being stain the buffet that I want to move to the dining room. (I'm open to tips and suggestions on this one)
7. Do more fun things with the kids.
8. Try not to have my "monthly" melt downs when finances get a little tight (Sorry, Marque, I know that's a stresser for you when I do that)
9. Keep in better touch with family and friends. Relationships are a gift from God. Therefore they need to be nurtured.
10. ALWAYS put God first!

Well, there you have it. Fortunately, I've got 12 months to work on all this stuff. Hopefully, I can "get er done!!!" :-). Again, I'd like to wish you all who read this the happiest of New Years. And I pray that this year brings you all the desires of your heart...within reason of course :-).