Saturday, January 14, 2006

Do I deserve this?

Ok, I did it. I paid more than $20 for a purse today. And it's a brand name one at that. Yesterday, while out browsing, I came across this CUTE little 9 West purse. I walked around the store with it for a little while, acting like I was gonna buy it. But I just couldn't. I just couldn't see spending $60 on a purse...even if it was gonna be an additional 40% off. I dunno, I guess I just feel that I don't "deserve" really nice things. I have no problem at all spending money on quality things for the kids, my husband, my house or for others. But for me? It has to almost be free.
Case in point...I haven't bought jeans in almost 6 years. I didn't know that "straight leg" jeans were almost a thing of the past. ANYWAY, I go into the store and there's this WALL of folded jeans. All different styles and cuts. NOW, I'm overwhelmed! THEN I see the price. They were $35 a pair! I can imagine what you're saying to yourself..."Geesh, this chick IS CHEAP!". Anyhoo, once the sales lady stops laughing at me, she pulls a few down for me to try on. Hmmm, these look pretty cute, but $35?!?!? Ok, so I let my 4 year old talk me into buying ONE pair. I about passed out when the sales person gave me the total...and that was all I bought. Then I went and spent another $60 on some sneakers....on sale. But those, I will wear almost know, to justify the price :-). Oh and for the record, my husband and my MIL talked me into going back the next day to buy one more pair of jeans...YIKES!!!
Anyway, back to today. I go back to the store where I saw the cute little 9 West purse...I'm gonna buy it! But I can't find it...ARGH!! However, after digging through every purse I came across, I found it...WHEW, that was close! Again, I walk around with this purse still trying to convince myself that it's alright for me to have it. Well, I finally made my way to the cashier and quickly whipped out the debit card before I changed my mind again. But I have to admit, it IS cute and I will definitely get some use out of it....I mean it matches my new jeans for goodness sakes :-). Oh, did I mention that it also came with a cell phone holder, a make up pouch (I don't even wear make-up), & a key chain? NOW, that justifys the price, right? C'mon...Humor me!!!


ClassC Scrapper said...

Oh, Dawn!!!! You must treat yourself sometimes!!! I know how you feel. I have been there before, but now I make it a point to treat me. I don't think I am being selfish at all, it's just that after taking care of my children and my hubby, I deserve some spoiling, too, right?????

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I enjoy reading yours and will definitely put a link on my blog to yours, if that's okay???/

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


Diane said...

I LOVE the purse. It is waaay cute. Good for you!

- The purse and shoe girl - Diane ;)