Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crazy Georgia weather & Soccer...

Last weekend, the kids had games at noon and 1:30pm. And let me just say, we truly LOVE these kids because it was FREEZING and WINDY outside last Saturday. Jayla played with a turtleneck under her jersey and thick tights under her shorts. Markell played with a thick long sleeve shirt under his jersey and his socks pulled up, almost to his thighs. My dad was in town from New York and even HE said it was ridiculously cold here. It may not have been so bad had the wind not just blown right through you.

Now TODAY was a totally different was 83 degrees outside and HOT!!!!!! How crazy is THAT? I'm not sure which I prefer during soccer season...the cold or the heat.

Jayla had pictures this morning before her noon game. So we had to be at the field at 11am. It was so cute to see all the girls huddled together getting matching ribbons put in their hair and on their jersey sleeves. I think we've got the cutest kids in the entire U6 league :-). There are only 2 boys on her team and maybe 10 girls. Here's Jayla after her "ribbon treatment" was

This next picture, I just LOVE. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that Marque coaches both of the kids. He loves these kids! Not only ours, but ALL of them. He's so proud of them. He says he gets quite the workout with the U6 all should see him running all over that field. It's a sight to see! He gets a little bit of a breather when Markell's team plays...all he has to do is stand on the sidelines and yell...hee hee.
And you know how I'm always saying that Markell doesn't like for me to take pix of him? Well, today, I'm glad I didn't listen to him :-). He played goalie so I got a few good shots. I love that my camera can get pix from across the field. That way, he doesn't always know that I'm zooming in on him :-). This first shot is when he first took the goal. He sometimes doesn't like playing this position because it's "boring". We haven't convinced him yet that it's kind of a good thing...because it means that the ball and rest of his team are at the other end of the field in scoring position. But I guess I can't blame is more fun to be running all over the field instead of standing in one place watching the grass grow :-).

Ok, NOW we're getting a little action. Time for a goal kick! This kid has quite a foot on him. Everytime he gets the ball when he plays goalie, he actually kicks the ball clear to the other end of the field. Very impressive.
Anyway, that's about all I have to share for today. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! I know, I didn't even play today. But sitting in that sun all day will zap the energy right out of a girl! So this is it for me today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


Leah said...

I hear ya about the weather.. what a difference a week makes. We had to turn on our air today.. I wanted to put that off as long as possible but it just got so hot in our house!

Love the soccer pictures! I love sports!

denaid said...

Great pics and great blogging. Thanks for the details.

Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE the pics--especially the cute one of daddy and daughter!! So sweet!!!!!
Of course, I love any pis that involve kids playing sports!!! lol

Susie Q said...

LOVE the pictures! What a stunning family you have.
Our weaher is odd too. All of a sudden it feels like Summer. Too warm and humid for this time of year. Then it will probably get cold again...oh well. That is Spring I guess!
Love your Friday Flower Fix, as always! : )

Lynilu said...

Dawn, your family is beautiful. Like Cheryl, I especially like the one of your husband and daughter. So sweet! I had to LOL about you being sneaky to photo your son! Boys are like that, and a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!!

Glad you visited my blog today. I usually try to get around a visit new blogs like that, but recently my life has been so hectic that I've been less than friendly in that way. You reminded me to s.l.o.w d.o.w.n. Thanks.

Brown English Muffin said...

Jayla is such a princess look at her hands in that first picture...they look so dainty!!!