Monday, March 19, 2007

Soccer season is underway....

Well, we're 4 games deep into the Spring 2007 season.

Markell's team, the Stingrays, have won 3 of their 4 games and they look GREAT! Sadly, Markell hasn't scored any goals yet...but he sure is keeping a lot of his opponents from scoring...and he hasn't even played goalie yet! We're finding that he's pretty good in the field defense this season.

I've let him off the hook as far as taking my camera to the games and embarassing him. SOOO, I've left the picture taking up to our "team photographer", Miss Trish. So, as promised, here a few pix of my Stingray.

I love this first shot of him. It's amazing how focused and determined he looks in pictures. Soccer is so fast paced that it's hard to see the expressions on their faces during the actual game. Miss Trish captures some awesome shots of these guys.

Again, more looks of determination. He looks like he's gonna kick the crap out of that ball :-).

Just another great shot of Markell keeping his eye on the ball and focusing on the game. He even looks good out there when the ball is no where near him :-).

And now, for my little Cheetah. Ya'll, Jayla is a mess. This little girl has her very own style and absolutely loves playing soccer. This season, she is really getting the jist of the game and follows directions so well. And she shows such concern for all of the other kids on the field. In this past weekends game, she was dribbling the ball down the field and accidentally knocked down this little boy (that's my girl! lol). She stopped cold in her tracks to check and see if he was alright. But not before she made a perfect pass to one of her team mates for a goal.

And what's even funnier is, she's also the "team cheerleader"...she cheers and high fives players when ANYBODY scores a goal...Cheetah or not :-).

Now, in the first shot, I couldn't help but laugh. I love the way she's got her tongue hanging out. I've never noticed that she does that. It's so amazing how a 5 year old can have such foot control. Seriously, she REALLY knows what she's doing out there.

This 2nd shot is just too funny. After I saw this picture, I asked Jayla why she had her eyes closed while her "Coach Daddy" was talking to her. She immediatley comes back with, "I was trying to really hear what daddy was saying". LOL

Here again, just showing more of that fancy footwork :-).

Well, like I said, we're only 4 games into the season and we've still got the rest of this month and the entire month of April to go. Not to mention, possible tournaments for the Stingrays in May.

I just love that the kids are involved in something that they enjoy. And as soon as we get those professional pictures done, I'll share those with you. Enjoy your week!


ScrappinMyRoots said...

These are really great photos. Can't wait to see how you scrapbook them in a layout.

denaid said...

That first shot of Markell is a keeper. What a great memory that'll be for him. And that first shot of Jayla? HILARIOUS. Love it.

gold said...

Those are some great photos of your children. Don"t they make you proud. It is good they enjoy what they do. Happy scrapbooking with those photos.

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pictures are GREAT!!! But you know how much I LOVE youth sports and the pics that come with it! LOL
Congrats on Markell's team doing so well. I know he's bound to score a goal soon!
And Jayla just sounds like she is loving it!!
I love the soccer updates!!

Susie Q said...

What talented and gorgeous children! They take after Mom right? : )
GREAT shots to scrap with!
Love them all...
Have a super weekend!