Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome to Allergy season!!!

Oh, excuse me!!
This is something you can expect to hear a lot of these days if you live in the lovely southern state of Georgia. I don't think I personally suffer from allergies...not in the Spring anyway. I prefer Fall allergies myself :-) lol.
Check this out. I just printed this from the WSB TV site.

I would venture to say that a pollen count of almost 4 THOUSAND is extremely high, wouldn't you? Anything that sits outside for ANY amount of time can expect to be COVERED in this fine yellow powder. Just look at our vehicles.

This 1st picture is the back of my hubby's car...NO, he doesn't have anything against the carwash (that would be me...hee hee). THIS is what his car looks like after sitting in the GARAGE for a hour...with the door closed! The 2nd picture is just another depiction.

And here's my van. The orginal color was navy blue....

Crazy, isn't it??? We can expect to see this for at LEAST another month or two. Gonna be fun!



Anonymous said...

Allergy season is here in Montgomery too. My son and I are suffering with itchy and watery eyes. Oh and the cars-- my son keeps asking me when am I going to wash my car:).


denaid said...

I don't need to look at the back of your car to know it's allergy season. I was MISERABLE this morning. How does a person's sinus cavity produces snot so quickly. As soon as I finish blowing my nose, it's time to blow it again.

Oh, sorry. TMI ;)

Susie Q said...

Oh how I know this pain! I have had a headacho and stuffy nose for a week and doubt it will abate anytime soon!
Oh and the mess pollen makes on a car...phooey.
LOVED That Michael Fox true.

gold said...

My son suffer from allergies.He is going through it now.I feel so sorry for him.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Diane, hey...thanks!!! I've always known I could count on you to give TMI!!! lol

You're a mess...literally!!!

Muriel said...

my mom has been saying the pollen has been getting to her...

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