Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inspired to INSPIRE.....

I love this quote. It's so true. And we all know that even EXCELLENCE is sometimes out of reach. Fortunately, everyone has their own version of excellence which makes it more attainable. With that in mind, have an EXCELLENT deserve it.
Be Inspired!


Cheryl Wray said...

What a WONDERFUL quote!!! (And am I the FIRST to comment? How cool!) Yes--perfection is out of reach, only attained once on this earth. But I can strive to do MY BEST always!! That would be a great quote for a scrapbook page (always thinking scrapbooks! lol)
I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the wonderful comments about our Princess Party for Sydney!! I made the invitations yesterday and am going to get some princess-themed crafty items I've found at Michael's, And yesterday S picked out a Disney Princess cake at Publix. I would love to borrow your giant princesses, but I hate to ask you at this last moment (with less than a week until the big day). We're havingat a park too, and I'm not sure how they would do at a park. ?? Thank you anyway!!
Now, off to read your other posts that I've missed!!

Lynilu said...

What a good reminder! I'm not a perfectionist, but sometimes I forget that it is OK to work for excellence. There is a difference that we forget about.

Vee said...

totally love this quote
so true!!